What Does a Junior Data Science Consultant’s Radar Look Like?

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You may have already read our recent blog: So what does a data science consultant’s radar look like? ,which looked at one of Mango’s data science consultant’s personal radars, created using Data Science Radar. This time it’s the turn of Joe Russell, one of our junior Data  Science consultants…

For those of you that may not know, Mango’s Data Science Radar maps the many and varied competencies in the field of data science against six core data science traits. These traits quantify relative strengths and areas for improvement  for individual s as well as at a team level  – ultimately enabling users and team leads to make decisions based on evidence, rather than intuition.

Here’s what we discovered when we analysed the radar of one of our junior consultants:

Name: Joe Russell

Job title: Junior Data Science Consultant

Qualification(s): BSc Mathematics

Number years in current role: 6 Months

Joe’s radar reflects his journey so far into the world of data science. As a graduate, Joe is continuing to learn as he trains on the job, experiencing as much as he can while undertaking project tasks and building his communication skills as he goes.

In fact, good communication and empathic skills are fundamental when it comes to interacting with clients – a strong collaboration between the technical and business teams to ensure everyone is on the same page is essential, and a key resource for getting senior stakeholder buy-in.


Here’s what we discovered when we analysed Joe’s persobal radar:

Joe’s top 3 traits:

• Programmer
• Visualiser
• Data Wrangler

When you first got your results back from the radar, did you find anything surprising?

“Overall, I would say the radar closely aligned to my perceived strengths and weaknesses. I expected the programmer, data wrangler and visualiser roles to all be high as these arewhich are the areas I have been most exposed to so far during my time at Mango. I’ve had the privilege of delivering some of Mango’s “Introduction to R” training courses which focus on these three areas, and so being more experienced is a requirement for delivering such courses.

“The communicator questions mainly focused around interactions with stakeholders which I have not had much exposure to thus far, although I hope this will be increasing in the future.

What impact has the radar had on your recent work?

“Recently I have been working on a project designing an app that sits on top of an underlying database. This has involved designing and understanding a suitable database schema as well as querying the data itself. These were areas I knew I was not as confident in, based upon my radar, and so I was quickly able to identify the need to familiarise myself with the key concepts”.

Which parts of your radar would you like to improve the most and why?

“I would like to improve my communicator and modeller skills more. I believe communication is an essential skill no matter what the industry, and so being able to engage with stakeholders and work effectively within a team will prove invaluable. Modelling is an area I think most Data Scientists would agree is the most exciting with all the possibilities of Machine Learning and AI. I currently have only a surface level understanding in these areas but aim to change this during my time at Mango”.

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