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At this years’ online version of the Enterprise Applications of R Language Conference, we have four workshops fo you to join.

Tickets for half-day workshops are £90 and all profits will be donated to Data for Black Lives.

The Science (and Art) of Data Visualisation in {ggplot2} 

Hosted by Mango’s Nick Howlett and Joe Russell, you will discover the principles required to create powerful visualisations and understand how and why, they effectively and accurately communicate the stories inside data.

Using the powerful and expressive {ggplot2} package, you will learn how to apply these principles while exploring the common pitfalls to avoid when creating your own visualisations.

Text Analysis in R

Many companies have a large amount of data stored as text that is not being used effectively. In this introductory workshop, we will show how you can get started with analysing text data – from simple manipulation through to sentiment analysis. By the end of the course, attendees will have a good understanding of the techniques, as well as how to implement them in R.

Good practices for {shiny} development using {golem} – An Introduction

During this workshop, Colin will give you the keys to get started with {golem}, so that you can now start your next {shiny} application on solid ground. This workshop is designed for {shiny} developers who want to understand and master {golem} philosophy and general structure, and to learn the best practices for building {shiny} applications that will be sent to production.

A quick introduction to tidymodels – JUST ANNOUNCED

Our last workshop to be announced will be taught by RStudio’s Max Kuhn over two consecutive afternoons. This workshop will introduce the basics of fitting models with the tidyverse. A basic case study will be used to demonstrate how to create models, engineer model features and evaluates performance using resampling.

Tickets are limited for our workshop places, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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