VirtuEARL: Speaker interview

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We caught up with one of our VirtuEARL speakers and EARL regulars Jeremy Horne on what we can expect from his VirtuEARL talk and how he thinks the R community has adapted since lockdown.

You’ve presented a few times now at EARL, what makes you come back each time?

​I’ve said it for several years now – EARL has become the “must go” event of the R calendar – not only have I presented a few times, but I’ve been fortunate enough to attend every EARL since it started in 2014 and on each occasion, I’ve taken something new away to try with my clients – and indeed, the quality of the talks and use cases grows better and better each year – so I’m looking forward to some more excellent talks this year too.

How has the R community adapted since lockdown?

​Like every community, it was tough in the first few months. Events got cancelled (including my very own BrightonR user group 😞) and the interaction with other R users was limited to channels like slack – but with the realisation that we’re a long way off face-to-face meetups again, virtual user groups have been set-up and done quite well – there were some fantastic presentations at LondonR last month and we’ve finally got BrightonR off the ground again too!

Why are events like EARL and R meet ups important do you think?

​The networking – being able to talk to other like-minded R users and staying on the pulse of what they’re up to – this is the bit I miss terribly at the moment as it always gets me thinking about new things that I can do within R.

What can we expect to hear about from your EARL talk?

​I’m hoping you’ll take a few tips away on how you can improve your email marketing using R and specifically text analytics – and equally, would love to hear how you get on afterwards if you implement any of the techniques.

If you’d like to hear Jeremy’s talk and some other inspirational R based talks, then join us at VirtuEARL. The online Enterprise Applications of the R Language Conference taking place this October.

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