Virtual Training – bringing data science teams together

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Virtual Classrooms – bringing data science teams together

Throughout lockdown, we’ve all been encouraged to tap into virtual training opportunities – either through free online learning or professional online training courses. What isn’t being talked about is the reduction in group training – and the positive effects virtual training can have on individuals when they are able to share the experience and interact with each other as a group.

Joint training sessions have very quickly been pushed to the wayside as focus is switched to the needs of individual stuck at home.  But is this the right way to go? Surely, training as a team is an integral part of enabling individuals to feel part of a team again, bringing likeminded colleagues together to interact and socially engage for a common goal – to complete the training.

It’s all very well us undertaking personal training while at home, but it’s the exchange of knowledge and sharing of frustrations that naturally come as part of the training process that is currently being missed – if we’re stuck on a subject or training module, then we want the opportunity to voice this with our peers rather than struggle on.

Virtual training courses and workshops that are delivered live to a group by a trainer are the most impactful. Chrissy Halliday, Mango’s Customer Success Manager said:

I’m frequently engaged with our customers about education and training programs and I’ve found a common theme emerging during this period of lockdown; keeping remote data science teams connected is vital whilst striving to provide a sense of “business as usual” during these challenging times. Everyone has quickly adapted to the new virtual world we find ourselves in, and training is a wonderful way to empower teams with the latest tools & methodologies to continue to deliver value.”

Virtual team training enables individuals to talk and discuss amongst the group, allowing the trainer to advise and demonstrate in real time to their audience, ultimately providing the whole team with a platform to question, absorb and understand the subject matter.

At Mango, we believe that face-to-face training is key to delivering content flexibly to our clients. Our ‘virtual classrooms’ provide attendees with valuable access to an experienced senior Data Scientist, who is on hand to answer any queries that inevitably crop up throughout the training session – just as they would do in ‘normal times’ when delivering face-to-face training on premise to our customers.

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