Transforming to a truly data-driven company – effective tips to secure a smarter, more agile business

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Today at 12pm Mango’s Chief Data Scientist, Rich Pugh, will be presenting at the Corporate IT Forum. His talk will cover how companies can transform themselves into effective data-driven businesses.

Almost all companies are investing in some sort of data project – data analytics, big data, AI, and data science. It’s important that data science delivers rather than a phrase that becomes associated with expensive initiatives that not make a meaningful business impact.

With careful planning, organisations are delivering value out of their data, but what they are attempting isn’t really about digital first and foremost. It’s actually about the necessity of transforming their business model.

So what is the jargon of data science, what does it really mean, and why should business leaders care?

Rich Pugh says ‘I’ll look at some effective tips for businesses that have the best chance of succeeding in their mission to become data-driven – and therefore in their wider digital transformation strategy as a whole’.

If your business is ready to find out more – take a look at our leadership level courses designed to help you start on your data-driven journey.