Data Science for Business Stakeholders

Maximise the potential of data science across your business

Become a data enabler

Complementing our training programmes for data science practitioners and leaders, these comprehensive courses provide business stakeholders with the practical knowledge to support data science initiatives and support collaboration to leverage analytic opportunities across your organisation.

Explore our comprehensive courses below, designed for business stakeholders.

  • Being Data-Driven: the Language of Analytics

    Workshops to foster interaction between business and analytic teams by building a common language to support collaboration.

    Audience: Business

    Duration: 1 day workshop

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  • Data-Driven Mobilisation

    Inspire and educate the business about the possibilities of analytics.

    Audience: Business

    Duration: 1/2 day workshop

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  • Data-Driven Planning

    Focused session to plan implementation of specific identified analytic initiatives.

    Audience: Business and analytic teams

    Duration: 1/2 day workshop

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  • Data-Driven Prioritisation

    Dynamic workshop to surface a range of analytic initiatives that could add value.

    Audience: Business and analytics teams

    Duration: 1/2 day workshop

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  • Never Mind the Buzzwords

    Short presentation to inspire an organisation about the data-driven opportunity, seeing through the hype to see how advanced analytics could add real value.

    Audience: Leadership, Business

    Duration: 2 hour presentation

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Explore the latest insights to inspire your next data science project.

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