Ten reasons to join the Mango Solutions team

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We think Mango is a pretty great place to work and we could give you a list of reasons that every company comes up with, but we decided to talk to our team to find out why they love working here. There were definitely more than ten reasons, so we’ve picked the very best.

1. “We have great customers!”
Working in consultancy means every day is different. Sometimes we work with finance analysts, sometimes with retailers. Each have fascinating domain expertise, and yet all can benefit from your experience in other sectors.

2. “We get to travel.”
Our customer base is global and sometimes training or a design sprint work better face-to-face. We also keep up with advances in our sectors by attending conferences. So, from San Francisco to Seoul we teach, collaborate and network. We also encourage our team to present and run workshops at meetups, conferences and other industry events.

3. “We support the Data Science community.”
A well-connected community brings people together. We support the growing community by hosting a range of data science meetups and provide both commercial and free training. We make a lot of our internal R packages available on GitHub, and contribute to many other public projects as well.

4. “We work with awesome people!”
In an ever-changing field, supporting your colleagues is important. We’re proud to say we have a team of incredibly supportive people that are happy to give advice. We work together on challenges to successfully achieve our goals. There is plenty of friendly banter and warmth in the office as well.

5. “We get to work on a huge variety of projects.”
Consulting work gives you the opportunity to work with a huge variety of clients and industries. Sometimes we’re building traditional statistical models or sometimes its machine learning and cutting edge algorithms. No two projects are the same and with an exciting array of work you never feel like you’re stuck in a rut.

6. “Never stop learning”
Mango operates at the cutting-edge of open source technology. All of our consultants are encouraged to learn the latest methods and tools and, through regular internal seminars, encouraged to share that knowledge around the team. We have an internal training programme and prioritise giving people the space to investigate new technology.

7. “No idea is a bad idea…”
Okay, not all ideas are great ideas, but we love creative solutions and initiative at Mango. We are always open to new ideas when it comes to addressing challenges. As most projects require different ways of thinking and new problems to solve, your fresh ideas would always be welcome.

8. Free Food Fridays 
Who doesn’t love free food? One popular Mango perk is ‘free food Fridays’. Exactly as it suggests, we put on a free lunch once a month. It’s always great to get the whole team together over some food. We also provide free fruit for the whole office, so you can reach your 5-a-day!

9. EARL Conference
Becoming a member of the Mango Solutions team gives you the opportunity to attend EARL Conferences, which are held in some of the coolest cities in the world. These conferences have a really exciting vibe; almost every session could be showcasing ideas that could be directly applicable in your projects. EARL attendees are passionate about finding new ways to improve their business area and are great company, good at networking and fun to hang out with after sessions.

10. Diversity
Mango Solutions recognises that our people are our most valuable asset. For us to achieve and succeed we look to attract and retain the right skills and the best minds – and this means diversity. Diversity is a key driver of innovation and a diverse team harbours creative thinking, and allows us to work more effectively within a diverse marketplace.

These are just the top reasons why you should join the Mango team. There are many more, but to find out for yourself take a look at what roles we’re hiring for and talk to us.mango