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In 2020 the EARL conference was held virtually due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. Although this removed the valuable networking element of the conference, the ‘VirtuEARL’ virtual approach meant we reached a geographically wider audience and ensured a successful conference. Thought leadership from academia and industry logged in to discover how R can be used in business, and over 300 data science professionals convened to join workshops or hear presenters share their novel and interesting applications of R. The flexibility of scheduling allowed talks to be picked according to personal or team interests.

The conference kicked off with workshops delivered by Mango data scientists and guest presenters, Max Kuhn of RStudio and Colin Fay from ThinkR, with topics including data visualisation, text analysis and modelling. The presentation day both began and finished with keynote presentations: Annarita Roscino from Zurich spoke about her journey from data practitioner to data & analytics leader – sharing key insights from her role as a Head of Predictive Analytics, and Max Kuhn from RStudio used his keynote to introduce tidymodels – a collection of packages for modelling and machine learning using tidyverse principles.

Between these great keynotes, EARL offered a further 11 presentations from across a range of industry sectors and topics. A snapshot of these shows just some of the ways that R is being used commercially: Eryk Walczak from the Bank of England revealed his use of text analysis in R to study financial regulations, Joe Fallon and Gavin Thompson from HMRC presented on their impressive work behind the Self Employment Income Support Scheme launched by the Government in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, Dr. Lisa Clarke from Virgin Media gave an insightful and inspiring talk on how to maximize an analytics team’s productivity, whilst Dave Goody, lead data scientist from the Department of Education, presented on using R shiny apps at scale across a team of 100 to drive operational decision making.

Long time EARL friend and aficionado, Jeremy Horne of DataCove, demonstrated how to build an engaging marketing campaign using R, and Dr Adriana De Palma from the Natural History Museum showed her use of R to predict biodiversity loss.

Charity donation 

Due to the reduced overheads of delivering the conference remotely in 2020, the Mango team decided to donate the profits of the 2020 EARL conference to Data for Black Lives. This is a great non-profit organization dedicated to using data science to create concrete and measurable improvements to the lives of Black people. They aim to use data science to fight bias, promote civic engagement and build progressive movements. We are thrilled to be able to donate just over £12,000 to this brilliant charity.

Whilst EARL 2020 was our first such virtual event, the conference was highly successful. Attendees described it as an “unintimidating and friendly conference,” with “high-quality presentations from experts in their respective fields” and were delighted to see how R and data science in general were being used commercially. One attendee best described the conference: “EARL goes beyond introducing new packages and educates attendees on how R is being used around the world to make difficult decisions”.

If you’d like to learn more about EARL 2020 or see the conference presentations in full, click here.

EARL Conference 2020
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Sadly, we cannot meet in-person for the EARL Conference this year, so we’ve decided to go virtual with an online version of EARL with VirtuEARL 2020.

During the first two weeks of October, we will be hosting 4 workshops with a wrap of VirtuEARL taking place on Friday 16th October with a full day of fantastic presentations from some brilliant industry speakers.


What is EARL all about?

The Enterprise Applications of the R Language Conference is a cross-sector conference focusing on the commercial usage of the R programming language. If you use R in your organisation, then EARL will have something for you and your team.


How will the conference work online?

VirtuEARL will be hosted on Zoom – which has become an incredibly popular platform for online video calls. Once you have purchased tickets to the parts of VirtuEARL you would like to join, you will be sent the Zoom meeting details. When it’s time for the event, simply click on the meeting link and enjoy! You can ask questions directly to our workshop hosts and presenters by using your microphone or typing a question. The workshops and the presentations will be recorded so if you miss anything on the day or would like to re-watch something afterwards you will have access to the recordings to do so.


What’s on the agenda?

Workshops announced so far are;

You can find the agenda for the Friday presentation day here.


How much will it cost?

All profits from VirtuEARL 2020 will be donated to ‘Data for Black Lives’.

We recognise that are not able to offer the full EARL package that we usually have – and we’ll miss all the networking! – so our prices this year will reflect this.

The Workshops:

Our half-day workshops are usually priced at £200  – but for this years’ VirtuEARL, we are pleased to offer our half-day workshops at a price of £90.

The speaker day:

The speaker presentation day will carry a minimal charge of £9.99 – we have a Zoom capacity of 300 people for Friday’s session and we want to ensure the maximum amount of people can enjoy VirtuEARL!


Where can I get tickets?

You can purchase your tickets here

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What is EARL?

The Enterprise Applications of the R Language Conference (EARL) is a cross-sector conference focusing on the commercial use of the R programming language. The conference is dedicated to the real-world usage of R with some of the world’s leading practitioners.

Who is it For?

If you use R in your organisation, the EARL Conference is for you and your team. Whether you’re coding, wrangling data, leading a team of R users, or making data-driven decisions, EARL offers insights you can action in your company.

Why Attend?

The best in the business present their real-world projects, ideas and solutions at EARL each year and it’s the perfect opportunity to see how others are using R in production.


“Fantastic conference. EARL never lets me down in providing an insightful, applicable and fun experience to learn from other companies on how they apply R in their enterprises.”


If you’re considering submitting an abstract to present at future EARL events – and need a little more persuading, here are eight reasons why you should apply to present:

1. Networking

EARL attracts over 300 delegates from a huge range of industries. We make sure to provide plenty of opportunities for you to connect with your fellow R users. If that sounds daunting – don’t worry – plenty of delegates attend solo and we are delighted that EARL attracts such a welcoming and friendly crowd. As a speaker, networking will be easier as people will recognise you and have plenty of questions about your session.

2. Increase your professional experience

Many of our selected speakers have only presented a handful of times, and some never. If you have been aiming to increase your presenting experience, then EARL is the perfect venue. Our audiences are both appreciative and attentive and always have questions to ask – and it’s a great experience to add to your CV.

3. Help Others 

The R community is well known for being wonderfully inclusive, supportive and generous. So it’s nice to be able to contribute and help others. Presenting on your challenges and  your solutions will definitely help others, even if they work in completely different industries.

4. Refine your ideas

As we all know, projects don’t always go to plan, by sharing your commercial usage of R you might get advice or tips from the audience to take away.

5. Promote you

As a speaker you will get 30 minutes to share your work. EARL can give you a platform to share what you do with people from different industries and varying sizes of company.

6. Free Ticket

As a selected speaker you will get a free ticket for the day of your presentation along with a free ticket for our Wednesday night conference networking event*.

7. Be the Best Boss

If you head up a team and encourage a team member to submit a talk, they will enjoy a great conference and return with a sense of pride at having shared your team’s work and inspired by all that they’ve learned.

8. Have fun! 

Sharing your passion for R with a room full of like-minded people makes for a great environment; by sharing what you know you will be starting plenty of conversations. The networking events are a great place to celebrate your presentation and have a good time!

For more information about #EARLconf visit our Event page.


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We’re pleased to announce we have opened the call for EARL London 2020 abstracts!

The Enterprise Applications of the R Language Conference is all about R and its commercial applications. The conference is cross-sector and features talks from across all industries and company sizes. EARL focuses on the real-world usage of R – we want to hear about your projects, issues, solutions, collaborations, headaches and triumphs. The 2020 conference will take place on the 8-10th September in London. The format will be a day of workshops followed by two full conference days.

As well as the usual 30-minute presentation slots, we will be holding another ‘data for good’ lightning talk session on the second conference day (10th). This year we are looking for talks on a “green” theme to showcase the use of R to address, measure or solve environmental, climate or conservation issues and challenges. If you are using R for a project in any of these fields, then we want to hear from you!

What we love most about hosting EARL each year is the people. You make this conference a welcoming and energising place to be. As a speaker it’s comforting to know that the audience will have plenty of questions (yes, we’ll be bringing back the throw-able mics!), and will share your passion for R. Whether you’re a first-time presenter or have been to EARL every year, we look forward to receiving your abstracts.

Submit here. Submissions close end of March 2020.