What Do Our Data Science Consultant’s Radars Look Like? Spotlight on Karina Marks

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So what does a typical data science consultant look like I hear you say? Well, we have assessed the skills and competencies of one of own data science consultants using Data Science Radar.

Mango’s Data Science Radar maps the many and varied competencies in the field of data science against six core data science traits. These traits quantify relative strengths and areas for improvement  for individual s as well as at a team level  – ultimately enabling users and team leads to make decisions based on evidence rather than intuition.

Here’s what we discovered when we analysed one of our consultant’s persobal radars:

Name: Karina Marks

Job title: Data Science Consultant

Qualification(s): MMath

Number years in current role: 3 years

Karina’s expertise in her role demonstrates strong programming skills in both R and python and shiny app development. As one of Mango’s lead trainers, she supports building team capability and demonstrates superb communication skills, with the ability to explain complex concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences. Much of Karina’s work is centred around her knowledge and expertise in this field and generally making teams more efficient through automation.



Karina’s top 3 traits:

  • Programmer
  • Communicator
  • Data Wrangler


Karina, when you first got your results back from the radar, did any of the results surprise you?

“In general no, I do think that my radar is a true reflection of my current skillset. I expected to be a high communicator and programmer, which I am, but I expected slightly higher on the modeller as that was part of my degree. However, the projects that I have worked on at Mango over the past few years have not been focussed on modelling and so I have not been utilising those skills recently, which is reflected in my radar. This does go to show that modelling is only a small proportion of what we do as Data Science Consultants and not every Data Scientist needs to come from a mathematical/statistical background”.


What impact has the radar had on your recent work?

“I was involved in a long-term project that was to develop the capability and training support for ~ 3k employees who were moving to a new Cloudera data platform from their current complex network of different systems. My role was to provide the technical support for those moving onto the platform, whether they were using excel, SQL, R, Python, or Spark. My communicator and programmer skills here were key for this and meant I was an ideal fit for this project. Not only could I effectively communicate to different teams in understanding their needs for training and support for this new platform, but I also had the programming skills to be able to write materials and provide individual technical support to those who needed it”.

Which parts of your radar would you like to improve the most and why?

“I would like to improve my communicator and visualiser skills more. I think they are key skills in many of the projects that I wish to work in, and as I enjoy working closely with clients – having those strong communication skills are essential”.

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