Respect your cat day

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You might think it a bit trivial to be writing about ‘respect your cat day‘ in the current climate, and you would be right! But just for one short blog post, let us enjoy some trivial cat content.

Real-life Mango cats

I would bet good money almost every cat owner would argue that respecting your cat is not a trivial notion. More often than not, a household with a cat is at the mercy of their said feline’s whims and moods. I remember being frozen with fear when Jess, my best friend’s quite frankly ‘evil’ cat, would sit on my lap – only to swipe a razor-sharp paw at me seconds later if I dared to breathe.

Evil Jess and evil Jess on my lap – smiling but crying inside

At Mango Solutions, our history with cats goes right back to the birth of the company. When owners Matt and Rich sat down to work out their new company’s name, they toyed with questionable ideas such as ‘Stats Entertainment‘, but thankfully, Matt’s cat ‘Mango’ kept pouncing on their desks and generally getting in the way. With pressure mounting for them to quickly name the new company, only ‘Mango’ kept coming to mind, and so ‘Mango Solutions’ was born!

The original Mango

If you have ever seen Mango Solutions exhibiting, or if you have attended our EARL Conference, you will come across a table of ‘Mango the Cat’ soft toys for you to take home. We are certainly still a company of cat-lovers (well most of us are…) to this day and I will personally take advantage of any opportunity to compile pictures of cats!


More cats of Mango

Author: Laura Swales, Marketing and Events Coordinator