Where should you focus your investments in ‘data’ for 2020? Webinar


​​​​​​​Realising Value from your Data and Analytic Investment

2019 was a year of Big Data and AI hype – leaving business executives overwhelmed by the ‘hugeness’ and the requirements of, modern data-driven strategies. Put quite simply, it’s not a one-stop data-to-value machine – so just where should you focus your investments in ‘data’ in 2020?

2020 should be the year to deliver value from your data and investment, ensuring that your business is set up to use the information and technology effectively to drive decisions. How can this be achieved across your organisation – leaving you able to quantify the long-term value of your investment?

Rich Pugh, Mango Solutions’ Chief Data Scientist, regularly advises organisations on how to deliver data-driven ROI with the reality of what data and analytics “can” and “can’t” do for your business.

Using his vast market expertise, Rich will provide some practical tips to guide your essential data and analytics priorities, helping you avoid common pitfalls – enabling you to understand where you should focus your investments in data in 2020.

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