R Training the Order of the Day for Bosch Group

Case Study

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. Mango Solutions were approached by the new ‘Powertrain Solutions division’, which focuses on injection technology and powertrain peripherals for internal-combustion engines, diverse solutions for powertrain electrification.

The Challenge

Bosch had a diverse team of R users, some with limited R experience and others with a more advanced knowledge base. They wanted the new ‘Powertrain Solutions division’ team to all be on equal footing in order for the team to function in a streamlined manner. This was especially important as the team is based over several locations.

The Bosch team also wanted to be able to present key insights from their work to management in a clear and easy to understand format. They knew that management just needed to be presented the main facts in order for them to make decisions.

The Solution

Mango helped Bosch’s team level out their R skills in two phases of training.

Phase one was an intensive training programme that covered an introduction to R through to advanced R. By taking the full team through the whole course they could leave knowing all members were now able to work with equal understanding and skills.

Phase two focused on visualisation and improving communication between the Data Science team and management. This phase included workshops that gave users an introduction to Shiny. The Shiny training enabled the Data Science team to create Shiny dashboards, which they could use to present their insights in easy to understand visualisations for the management team. The gap in communication between the Data Scientists and management had now become bridged. The training has allowed Bosch to move quicker in making powerful business decisions which are fully backed up by accurate data science work.


The ‘Powertrain Solutions division’ now have a unified approach and understanding of R and are better equipped to work as a team and communicate across different locations.

Importantly, management can now make informed data-driven decisions quickly. The Shiny training has enabled the data science team to present their work to management in a shorter time-frame and with clearer business recommendations.