Shiny development supporting treatment analysis for Tuberculosis

Case Study

Shiny development enables analysis to support development of treatment regimens for Tuberculosis.

Critical Path Institute (C-Path) is a non-profit, public-private partnership whose mission is to catalyse the development of new approaches that advance medical innovation and regulatory science, accelerating the path to a healthier world.

Orchestrating the development of ‘drug development tools’ (DDT’s) for life threatening diseases, C-Path aim to reduce the overall cost of medical product development through their innovative approach to the sharing of data and expertise.

Tuberculosis currently affects a third of the world’s population and kills more than 1.7m people annually. Through C-Path’s TB Data Collaboration Platform, researchers can have access to high quality, curated and pooled clinical trials patient data that can be used to accelerate TB research and the development of safer and more effective therapies.


C-Path wanted to enhance the overall data utility and improve the user experience of the TB Data Collaboration Platform – providing researchers with the ability to easily interrogate and visualize the pooled clinical trials data in the platform, and quickly find the information needed to support their research goals.

Having worked with Mango on previous projects, C-path were confident Mango had the desired skills and technical capability to meet their requirements – to develop more in-depth data exploration and visualization tools, giving researchers the ability to understand and interrogate the data more effectively.


The development of a front-end R Shiny exploratory interface solution, met C-Path’s functional requirements and provided them with a powerful, flexible and extensible tool that could be further customized to meet the changing needs of the platform and utilized in future data collaboration projects. The solution met the needs of the project sponsor and stakeholders and significantly enhanced the existing functionality of the platform.

Through an agile development process consisting of multiple sprints, Mango worked closely with C-Path to ensure the R Shiny application was developed in line with their schedule and budget. Mango’s agile approach meant that the development could reactive quickly to changes in requirements and scope.

The development met all the requirements and more, said Vicki Theurer Crider, Project Manager of C-Path’s Data Collaboration Center.

“We have really enjoyed working in partnership with Mango and their collaborative working style, expertise and value. Mango excels at working in an agile way, adapting to changing circumstances as they arise. Their communication, dedication and expertise in both a technical and project capacity are exemplary. We have forged fantastic relationships across the team and the benefits of our collaboration are already being realised”.


Having set out to improve the knowledge discovery process for TB researchers using their TB Data Collaboration Platform, C-Path have achieved their aims. The Mango-developed interrogation and visualization application, provides improved accessibility of the data, allowing for more useful and efficient research to be undertaken by developers and researchers working on better TB treatments.