SAS to Open Source Migration in the Data-Driven Era Webinar


SAS to Open Source Migration in the Data-Driven Era

The analytic landscape has altered considerably in recent years and more complex algorithms are being used more often and by more people.

One factor feeding into this is the ability for teams to access very large data sources across different areas of the organisation, and with most universities having adopted R and Python as their primary analytical programming language for mathematics and statistics courses – companies recruiting a new graduate can’t now expect them to have SAS skills.

Ultimately, businesses are looking to get one step ahead of their competition by utilising the latest and greatest algorithms – which is available instantly via open-source as oppsed to having to wait for the next SAS release.

Join our webinar as Chief Data Scientist Rich Pugh guides you through the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of migrating from SAS to open-source languages.

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