Reducing Costs with AI & Hyperautomation in a Post-COVID World


The COVID pandemic, together with the resulting recession, is going to create an incredibly challenging and competitive commercial landscape. With this in mind, it seems incredibly prophetic that Gartner identified Hyperautomation as a key technology trend for 2020.

And, with the need to create more efficient, intelligent companies to succeed in a post-COVID world, Hyperautomation is exactly what organisations should be exploring to empower our post-COVID escape velocity.

In this webinar, we will talk about the role of hyperautomation and AI to reduce costs and create more efficient organisations, before presenting a number of example initiatives that could provide a basis for creating value.

  • Data Science in the post-COVID world – State of the union and the role of Data Science
  • The age of Hyperautomation – what is it and why is it particularly relevant now?
  • Example Projects to consider today – some example projects that could be a good first call to reduce costs
  • Call to action – come talk to us about finding and executing your first hyperautomation project

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