Pure Planet harnesses data to drive service efficiency

Case Study

Britain’s first all-digital, renewable energy supplier Pure Planet harnesses data to drive service efficiency

Pure Planet was founded by friends who wanted to offer green energy for less cost than brown, polluting power – why would people pay more to pollute, when they could pay less to be clean and green?  

Its mission is to enable a renewable powered Britain by making renewable energy mainstream – and price competitive – while delivering technologicallyadvanced services that are simple to use and easy to access. The first energy provider to offer 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas, it is certainly shaking up the industry, offering a price sensitive, adaptable and clean choice.  

This young, independent, Bath-based dynamic company was launched in 2017 to drive the rapid adoption of clean, renewable energy and now employs more than 100 people in the UNESCO world heritage city. It’s multi award-winning, and is the Best Company in the South West and the Second Best Smaller Company to work for anywhere in the UK, according to The Sunday Times/Best Companies. 

The business is built around the application of smart, innovative technology for the dedicated requirements of its expanding membership base, making sustainability an easy choice. 


Pure Planet faced a challenge in the Data Science area after its first year or operation. With the team lead on sabbatical, they wanted a Consultant who could simply step in, get to grips with delivering and harnessing value from their data with immediate effect. With an abundance of data from their chat bot, known as ‘WattBot’ and a variety of other sourcesbeing data-driven has always been central to their strategy and an integral part of their business ethos – helping to drive data-driven pricing solutions, drive service efficiency and to give their members a seamless experience. 

Pure Planet’s Data team of four were using Machine Learning and deploying advanced analytics in many areas including market forecasting evaluation and membership acquisition and churn. It was clear that value could be added in terms of broadening the scope and skills of the data science team and in helping them to establish common frameworks and processes to make data science easier with repeatable and scalable models. 


In deploying Mango’s expertise, our Consultant was immediately able to demonstrate quantifiable value to the existing team and organisationIn conducting an audit of current practices, Mango was able to identify process improvementsassist in developing a robust data infrastructure and deployment aligned to business objectives   

Mango was also able to assist in the development of an updated Management dashboard, which meant that stakeholders from across the business could have immediate access to the data that was important to them.  This centralised dashboard empowers teams across Pure Planet with the necessary information to make informed data-driven decisionsThe volume of accessible data is now ten times larger than it was, making decisions even more effective, ensuring that effective modelling strategies can be put into place. The team can now assess and predict the likelihood of a Member switching suppliers through an assessment of account their health, payments and meter readings, alongside effective marketing strategies that reduce customer churn. 


Pure Planet’s engagement with Mango Solutions represents the perfect partnership approach to data science consultancy. By embedding a Consultant as an integral part of the team, Pure Planet was able to enhance its data-driven solutions that drive competitive advantage and industry innovation.   

The infrastructure upgrades will handle the increased demands and scale required by this rapidlygrowing, innovative business. Pure Planet is now on a course towards more democratised data and a more self-service approach; supported with a machine learning production system.  

By effectively integrating data from various systems, Pure Planet now has a fuller picture of each Member’s experience. The data integrity processes, now in place, help to identify problems and ensures that Pure Planet can make sure each Member’s experience is as smooth as possible. By focusing on building reusable data pipelines for reporting and machine learning, it has enabled processes to be more efficient, with less time spent on building similar reports and more time on building Pure Planet’s advanced analytics capability.   

 “Working with Mango has been rewarding,” said Andrew Ralston, CEO, Pure Planet. “Mango stepped in to provide people cover and has added much more, helping to develop our data science strategy and capabilitiesThe Consultant Mango placed with us has been an excellent addition to our team, and were alo delighted to have been able to draw on the wider support and expertise of Mango. 

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