Leaving Lockdown: what will happen when offices become an option again?

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As lockdown slowly starts to ease, business leaders must decide whether they will return to their offices, and if so, do they bring back all employees or work on a part-office and part-remote model from now on? It will be a different decision for every business, and so Intelligent CIO spoke to seven technology experts across multiple industries to get their thoughts on what should be the top considerations based on their predictions for the future.

August 2020 posted (pg. 38-40) in  Intelligent CIO 

Rich Pugh, Chief Data Scientist and Co-Founder of Mango Solutions, identifies how data analytics can help organisations increase agility and velocity post COVID.

“According to a recent survey of 300 analytics professionals, conducted by Burtch Works and the International Institute for Analytics, 43% of respondents stated that analytics is at the front of their activities helping their organisations make major decisions in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

“If different departments have embedded analysis teams, supported by off-the-shelf or customised tools, and they can model the outcome of multiple situations at different points on the development and supply chains, organisations will be better equipped to address potential risk and make informed plans to handle all likely outcomes. Better still, insights generated by data analytics teams can be shared across departments and with the company as a whole to ensure everyone knows the warning signs to look for, and the best courses of action to help the company succeed.”