Going pro in analytics: Lessons in Data science operational excellence


About this webinar

In this webinar, we will discuss what organisations need to do to ‘go pro’ with their analytical platforms, capabilities and processes. We will bring to life recent examples of data-driven transformation projects from the financial services and insurance sectors, and how success was achieved at an enterprise level.

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Going pro with analytics: content outline

  • Advanced analytics how to invest the right amount of time, money and effort into standing up technologies such as R 
  • Accelerating time to value – plug immediate gaps and secure buy-in from key stakeholders 
  • Ensuring robustness of your approach and any limitations on skillsets  
  • Assessing your platforms – capabilities and processes for best practice and high performance  

Going pro with analytics: About the speakers 

Dave Gardner is Deputy Director at Mango Solutions and has over 10 years experience of working with data. He helps organisations to derive value from data initiatives by bringing to bear his experience of both the strategic and practical elements of data science. Dave has worked across multiple sectors including insurance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and financial services.  

Ian Cassley is Mango Solutions Account Director for the Insurance sector and has a wealth of expertise in supporting organisations with an amalgamation of data-driven solutions from technology, capability, and processesIn this webinar, hwill bring to life recent projects where Mango has successfully delivered operational efficiency with data science including leading-edge pricing tools. 

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