A Data-Driven Communication Transformation

Case Study

About our client

This multinational retailer has been a leader in the retail space for more than a century and have 1000+ stores in 50+ countries.

The challenge

Our client engaged us to help them with their journey towards becoming data-driven. After focusing a significant amount of resource toward wrangling their data and building a Data Science team, there was still a gap – even with all of the tools available, the data wasn’t being used to solve business problems.

After meeting with the Head of Enterprise Analytics, we identified that the business team and the analytics team weren’t communicating. While the analytics team spoke about algorithms, the business team spoke in terms of business challenges. This lack of a common language meant the two teams were working in silos and all potential data-driven work stalled.

The solution

In response to this challenge, we developed a workshop –The Art of the Possible– that would bridge the gap between the two teams. Our experience helping organisations develop data-driven strategies enabled us to develop interactive and practical exercises that encouraged the analytics and business teams to work together, assisting the analytics team to understand how the business worked and helping the business side see how they could identify and qualify analytics use cases across the business.

The results

In each of these workshops, the business team often identify a minimum of 10 analytic use cases that can be used to make improvements across the organisation. This positive step means the teams can work together to shape how data is used and business challenges can be solved using concrete data.

Our work with this client is ongoing; Chief Data Scientist, Richard Pugh, works with the teams regularly throughout the year to help them further their data-driven journey.

We’ve been helping businesses build Data Science capabilities since 2002. From helping your team find a common language to supporting the hiring process and advising on optimal ways to optimise your processes to drive decisions, we can work with you to find the best solution.

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