Building a successful data science team
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Blending team requirements with business objectives and building skills and capability to match, is an essential and pivotal driver of business value.

You can’t be a data-driven business if your teams operate in silos or they lack skills to work effectively with data, and you can’t build lasting capability unless you understand the skills required to meet your objectives and how to leverage them.

Join our webinar and discover the five essential strategies to building a successful data science team.

Hosted by Rich Pugh, Chief Data Scientist of Mango Solutions, shortlisted for the 2020 Data & Analytics ‘Leader of the Year (Enabler)‘ award and part of the DataIQ 100.

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RStudio Managed Service
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Discover what the RStudio Managed Service platform can do for your business.

This webinar focuses on how to develop a best practice production environment, ensuring technical excellence and maximum return on investment from your data science platform.

Hosted by Mango Solution’s Rich Adams with guest speakers, Will Yuill, Principal Public Health Analyst, Hertfordshire County Council and Lou Bajuk, Director of Product Marketing, RStudio.

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data evolution
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In an increasingly competitive commercial landscape, the race to become “data-driven” is accelerating. This is particularly relevant today where the need to create more efficient, intelligent and engaging organisations, is imperative.

In this webinar Rich Pugh (Chief Data Scientist at Mango Solutions) and Simon Adams (Change Consultant at Nine Feet Tall) will explore what it means to be a data-driven organisation, and why putting data at the heart of any business transformation is crucial if you want to survive and thrive in a post-COVID world.

Webinar contents:
• Why are organisations racing to become “data-driven”?
• What exactly does a data-driven organisation look like?
• What happens if we don’t get there quickly enough?

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going pro in analytics
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Going Pro in Analytics WEBINAR

Becoming a professional athlete isn’t just about pure talent and hoping that will be enough to excel. Going pro means setting out a clear plan and following through with sustained training, the right nutrition, coaching and support.

In a similar way for businesses, becoming data-driven can’t depend solely on investing in a data project and hoping it will succeed…

In this webinar, we will discuss what organisations need to do to ‘go pro’ with their analytical platforms, capabilities and processes. We will bring to life recent examples of data-driven transformation projects from the financial services and insurance sectors, and how success was achieved at an enterprise level.

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Going pro with analytics: content outline

  • Advanced analytics: how to invest the right amount of time, money and effort into standing up technologies such as R 
  • Accelerating time to value: plug immediate gaps and secure buy-in from key stakeholders 
  • Ensuring robustness of your approach and any limitations on skillsets  
  • Assessing your platforms: capabilities and processes for best practice and high performance  


Going pro with analytics: About the speakers 

Dave Gardner is Deputy Director at Mango Solutions and has over 10 years experience of working with data. He helps organisations to derive value from data initiatives by bringing to bear his experience of both the strategic and practical elements of data science. Dave has worked across multiple sectors including insurance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and financial services.  

Ian Cassley is Mango Solutions Account Director for the Insurance sector and has a wealth of expertise in supporting organisations with an amalgamation of data-driven solutions from technology, capability, and processesIn this webinar, hwill bring to life recent projects where Mango has successfully delivered operational efficiency with data science including leading-edge pricing tools. 

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AI & hyperautomation webinar
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The COVID pandemic, together with the resulting recession, is going to create an incredibly challenging and competitive commercial landscape. With this in mind, it seems incredibly prophetic that Gartner identified Hyperautomation as a key technology trend for 2020.

And, with the need to create more efficient, intelligent companies to succeed in a post-COVID world, Hyperautomation is exactly what organisations should be exploring to empower our post-COVID escape velocity.

In this webinar, we will talk about the role of hyperautomation and AI to reduce costs and create more efficient organisations, before presenting a number of example initiatives that could provide a basis for creating value.

  • Data Science in the post-COVID world – State of the union and the role of Data Science
  • The age of Hyperautomation – what is it and why is it particularly relevant now?
  • Example Projects to consider today – some example projects that could be a good first call to reduce costs
  • Call to action – come talk to us about finding and executing your first hyperautomation project

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nevermind the buzzwords
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Nevermind the Buzzwords

Data is either right or wrong. But with so much misleading data available to data scientists, how we can ensure we have trust in our data sources so that decision-making can be done with confidence?

As data and analytic literacy becomes an essential and necessary driver to deliver business value from data science initiatives, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights into how to engage and work effectively with key stakeholders and inspire your business to become a truly data-driven organisation.

Join Mango’s Chief Data Scientist, Rich Pugh as he demystifies the complex world of data and analytics and guides you through how advanced analytics can add real value.

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Python continues to be one of the top programming languages to learn – with its easy-to-learn design and clean and well-structured code, Python builds powerful and effective web applications.

Though Python has been around for a while, it continues to rise in its popularity and so makes sense for users to learn this language in 2020, adding another notch to a developers programming belt.

In this webinar, we look at why Python is one of the most commonly used open source languages around the globe today. We will show how to use Python within a data science workflow: with examples of data inspection, data wrangling, data visualisation and some base statistics and machine learning.

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Data science is all about capturing data in an insightful way, whereas Machine Learning is a key area of it.

Machine learning is a form of AI that enables a system to perform a specific task, without the need for explicit instructions – through machine learning algorithms, mathematical models can be trained on previous data to make powerful predictions on future, unseen data.

In this introductory webinar, we will guide you through what Machine Learning is and provide you with an overview of how it is performed in R with a handy demo to give an insight into how this is carried out.

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Today, millions of analysts, researchers, and brands such as Facebook, Google, Bing and Accenture are using R to solve complex issues. The applications of R are not limited to just one sector – we can see the use of R in banking & finance, telecomms & utilities, e-commerce & insurance, pharmaceuticals & healthcare, and gaming & leisure to name a few.

Familiarise yourself with R – one of the most popular programming languages today – and understand why and how, it is used so extensively by data scientists and analysts across the globe.

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Building the ultimate analytic team
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Building the Ultimate Analytic Team

Data Science is a Team Sport and assembling the right analytic team for each task is all about the perfect blend of skills.

From Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters claiming the 1966 World Cup Final for England, to Black Widow, Iron Man and The Hulk saving reality as we know it, it was initially down to Alf Ramsey or Nick Fury sorting the right talents into the right combinations.

That’s easier said than done, and success depends on tackling a number of challenges.

In this webinar, Chief Data Scientist, Rich Pugh discusses what it takes to build a truly great team: from setting expectations and assessing your current team’s skills sets, to upskilling and pulling the right people together to form a strong team.

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