building a data-driven nirvana
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Are you looking to start your data-driven journey?

Mango’s Chief Data Scientist, Rich Pugh and Deputy Director, Dave Gardner provide expert advice on the right strategic approach to becoming data-driven. They look at the critical tools and services required to gain commercial data-driven success.

Listen to all the Data-driven Nirvana podcast episodes in the series to get advice on data-driven change – are you ready?


making data science boring
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In this podcast, Chief Data Scientist, Rich Pugh and Deputy Director, Dave Gardner, discuss the importance of making Data Science boring…

With the current ‘hype’ and excitement surrounding AI and machine learning, businesses are spending a huge amount of time and money investing in the latest tech, when in fact, they should be getting back to basics using data and analytics to provide the solutions to their business challenges.

Can we get back to a point where data and analytics is business is usual?

data engineering pipeline
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In this latest episode, Principal Data Scientist Dean Wood, and Deputy Director of Client Services, Chris James, discuss the importance of Data Engineering and it’s role in extracting value from your data.

Organisations need a good data engineering function to access the right data, at the right time, and with sufficient quality to empower analytics. But what is the definition of a data engineer’s role and why is this function so crucial to bridging the gap between strategy and execution when it comes to delivering a data science project?


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Do you have an increased sense of urgency to transform your business digitally and leverage the opportunities through your data? If so then this podcast may be a worthwhile listen.

Chief Data Scientist Rich Pugh, is joined by a guest partner of Mango, Esther McMorris, CEO and founder of Nine Feet Tall. They discuss the vital role of data-driven transformational change and top tips to prevent failure and what steps we can take to avoid being part of this statistic.


lies, damn lies and data science
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Exploring the myth and mysteries of data science is the subject of Mango’s next podcast episode, entitled Lies, damn lies and data science.

Data is either right or wrong. But with so much misleading data available to data scientists, Rich Pugh, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at Mango and David Gardner, Deputy Director explore how we can ensure we have trust in our data sources so that decision-making can be done with confidence. They discuss how you can effectively run your business on data, central to your strategy and avoid disastrous commercial consequences.


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In this podcast, we look at one of the key challenges facing many businesses and business leaders today –  how to build a thriving data science capability.

The demand for data-science and analytics in the UK has grown by 231% over the last five and half years making data and analytic skills a sought-after talent. Rich Pugh, Chief Data Scientist and Mango Solutions’ co-founder and Dave Gardner discuss how organisations can address this vital business function.


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finding the right use cases for data science
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In this third episode, Rich Pugh, Chief Data Scientist and co-founder of Mango Solutions and David Gardner, who leads Mango’s Data Science team, talk  about finding the right use case for data science projects.

Too many companies are using data to solve the wrong problem, because they don’t define what it is they want to achieve before diving in to a complex data science project.

The result is often “Right answer, wrong question” and of little practical use to the organisation.  Rich and David tell us how to avoid such pitfalls and how to make sure you are asking the right question from the start.


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why data science projects fail
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In this second episode of Mango’s Data-driven Nirvana podcast series, Mango’s Chief Data Scientist and Co-founder Rich Pugh, and Deputy Director David Gardner, who leads the data science team at Mango, discuss the reasons why data science projects can sometimes fail and the challenges businesses face when setting up a new data science project.

Like the gambler who only tells you when they win, organisations tend to keep quiet when data science projects don’t go to plan – Rich and David discuss how you can set these projects up for success, as you strive for ‘Data-driven Nirvana’.



Here’s a great article recently published in which looks at the art of data science storytelling to get project buy-in from your stakeholders.

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