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On-Premise Installation & Managed Service of your RStudio Environment

Develop, deploy and maintain R at scale…

For Enterprises, R provides a compelling alternative to costly proprietary software licences and allows ease of collaboration and adoption from a centralised data and analytics platform such as RStudio Team.

As a language, R can come with restrictions when it comes to the implementation and necessary technical know-how of installing, configuring, and supporting a centralised platform. Many teams lack the required support from IT or the necessary knowledge that makes an environment suitable for future scalability. It’s never a straightforward or simple process to find the time to manage the appropriate levels of security to avoid malware and viruses and support the environment to run sufficiently.

Mango’s on-premise and Managed Services can help – we take the responsibility for supporting, running and maintaining your RStudio environment, effectively creating ease of management and team adoption.

As an RStudio Full Service Certified partner, we support the implementation of RStudio tools, best practices for package management and the creation of an R operating model. We can also provide support services for production R environments and help customers succeed with R and RStudio.

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ValidR offers validation of the most essential and commonly used 150 R packages across all sectors, including collections such as the Tidyverse. ValidR mitigates the risk of adopting and managing open-source software saving vital time and resources across the organisation.

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ValidR Enterprise offers a validated production-ready version of R offering stringent controls for an open-source R environment. Comprising of 50 core R packages and a choice of over 400 validated open-source R packages, ValidR Enterprise provides maximum assurance of a validated and compliant environment.


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Convenience, simplicity, and savings

RStudio Team is a bundle of RStudio’s popular professional software for statistical data-analysis, package management, and sharing data products. RStudio Team includes RStudio Server Pro, RStudio Package Manager, and RStudio Connect. RStudio Team offers convenience, simplicity, and savings to organizations using R and RStudio at scale.

Download PDF here: RStudio Team

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Navigator Workbench has been influenced and developed in collaboration with modelling teams across the industry.

Navigator is a NONMEM post-processing and reporting environment.

The application has been architected to be applicable to any data providing a generic framework for reporting.

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ModSpace helps you streamline analytic research and development, promote collaboration, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Developed with the needs of cross functional teams of data scientists, modellers, statisticians, programmers and analysts in mind, ModSpace is a repository that is perfect for teams – whether you’re working across different departments, offices or countries.

ModSpace is already being used by major pharmaceutical companies, energy companies, the transport sector, financial institutions and media companies globally.

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Mango Solutions can deliver a comprehensive data science solution as part of your wider digital transformation. This might include infrastructure that helps to address storage, compliance or data accessibility requirements or consultancy engagements that transform workplace practices.

However, if the core data and analytics service needs further support or expansion, Mango Solutions and its business partners can implement scalable cloud-based services, managed services or enterprise open source solutions that drive auditability/reproducibility or collaboration for employees.