Secure and compliant access to the world’s richest analytic language

Why choose ValidR?

Enjoy the capability and cost-effectiveness of the R language – minus the risk and compliance concerns of open-source software. ValidR allows you to safely and securely exploit the power of the world’s most popular analytic language and unlock the true value in your data.


How can we enjoy the benefits of R programming without exposing our organisation to bugs or malicious attacks? What could we achieve with open-source software if regulation wasn’t an issue?

The full power of R derives from the volume and scope of packages developed by the R community. However, package quality can vary considerably. Without careful control, businesses can expose themselves to increased security risks or efficiency sapping bugs.


ValidR is a validated production-ready version of R offering stringent controls over this open-source software. ValidR is investigated, validated and reviewed by our industry-leading experts to meet the demands of users, IT and Quality teams.

ValidR comprises around 50 core components, a choice of industry specific packages, feature modules and optional packages from the 400+ validated open-source R packages.

ValidR is ideal for any organisation:

  • Seeking enhanced control over the use of R
  • Wishing to reduce the risk that open-source software presents to their business
  • Operating in highly regulated industries, such as pharma, finance, energy and government

Our 7-step
validation process

Each ValidR package is subject to a rigorous 7-step validation process, which fully complies with industry best-practice, including ISO 9001 quality requirements and R Foundation for Statistical Computing guidance on regulatory compliance and validation issues.

ValidR enables you to:

  • Maximise assurance whilst minimising security risk
  • Operate with confidence knowing code is robust and effective
  • Ensure compliance to stringent industry regulation

Key features

  • Over 400 validated packages – tailor to your specific needs
  • Standardised analytic environment for global teams – make R part of standard rollouts; reducing the burden of ad hoc environments
  • Documented evidence – provide greater assurance and reduce the risks of using open-source software within your organisation
  • Effective, tested user environment – meet IT and Quality demands
  • Faster standardised user environment – for effective communication


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