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Streamline your drug development process

The benchmark in PK/PD modelling

The drug development process is costly and time consuming. But it is essential. Navigator Workbench streamlines PK/PD modelling to help pharmaceutical and clinical research organisations make better decisions faster – while reducing the risk of human error.


How can we bring drugs to market cost-effectively? How can we use approved drugs to make therapy more effective? What’s the fastest and most reliable way to model new treatments?

Navigator Workbench (including ModSpace – our analytic and model management platform) provides a validated environment for PK/PD model storage, development, execution, analysis and reporting. It supports end-to-end modelling activities including automatically generating FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant reports. Developed with clinical modelling teams, Navigator Workbench provides a complete Modelling and Simulation solution.


Navigator Workbench provides a centralised and collaborative portal for NONMEM based projects, allowing distributed modelling teams to store, interrogate, visualise and report on model development activities.

Users get controlled access to a high-performance computing grid, a suite of customisable reports, and model evaluation tools. Admins can manage permissions and roles as part of the QC process, while integrated workflows promote standardisation and best practice.

That’s why global pharmaceutical and clinical research organisations depend on Navigator Workbench to obtain valuable insights into new drug development, while enhancing collaboration, reducing risk and improving productivity.


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