My Graduate Story

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The opportunity of a graduate placement is the pinnacle for many graduates with the ability to gain invaluable experience in a chosen industry.  A great first step into the world of work, a placement provides the ability to learn and showcase a wide variety of skills across an organisation and shape your future career.

Joe Russell, has recently graduated from Mango’s graduate recruitment scheme and is now continuing along Mango’s career path to becoming a fully-fledged Data Scientist. In this blog he shares his experience of the placement and advice for future graduates.

“I graduated with a Maths degree from Bath University.  I have always been fascinated by figures and statistics from a young age. My parents would purchase the Sunday Times every week, from which I would steal the Culture section, in order to record the top viewed TV programmes. I suppose I was intrigued by the data and understanding the reasons why figures would fluctuate week on week.”

“I became aware of Mango while searching for a yearlong placement during University and was fortunate enough to be chosen. I had garnered some basic R and statistics knowledge through my course; however, I was astounded by just how much knowledge and experiences I was exposed to almost immediately after joining Mango.”

“The team at Mango welcomed me immediately with open arms and exposed me to a variety of new learning experiences.  In the main, I supported a team validating R packages. This work exposed me to the array of functionality R provides through various packages and demonstrated all the benefits and possibilities of using open source software. Prior to my placement, data science was just a term I had heard but not really thought much about.  My knowledge deepened and I was fascinated by the opportunities and many facets a career in Data Science could offer.”

“Mango launched their Graduate Placement Scheme in 2019 and I was fortunate enough to be one of the chosen graduates on the scheme. A year-long training course followed with exposure of data science projects, training and even presenting to fellow R practitioners at LondonR and Bristol Data Scientists meetings. I am honestly astounded when looking back at just what I have achieved during the year. A year of working as an integral member of the ValidR team gave me immense satisfaction and confidence. I was also given the opportunity to contribute towards Mango’s training programme, presenting training courses to numerous cohorts, delivering our popular Introduction to R course, as well as more advanced courses such as Data Visualisation. I am very much a learner by doing, and Mango’s approach of encouraging consultants to push their comfort zone has been invaluable in my progression.”

“For me, one of the year’s highlights has undoubtedly been the projects and expertise I have been exposed to, as well as working alongside our Consultants. Attending last years’ EARL conference was a highlight – the quality of the talks and networking opportunities are incredible.  As for my future, I am keen to embrace further opportunities and take on more responsibility within the company.  Consultancy presents a fast track exposure to working across sectors with the benefit of not being siloed into one area of expertise.  Machine Learning particularly excites me with wide ranging opportunities, from diagnosing cancer to optimising deliveries.”

When asked what tips and advice he would give to our new graduate intake, Joe said: “Throw yourself in, take every opportunity you can and be open minded.  It will be a whirlwind of a year, take the opportunities presented and the benefits will be there.  Keep a logbook so you can look back on your journey – you’ll be amazed!”.

Mango welcomes their next graduate intake in September.

Jen Wilkins, Head of Talent & Development at Mango:

“The grad scheme is something that we’re really proud of.  It’s evolving year on year and has proven to be a great way to bring new talent into our business – in fact, I was part of a grad scheme myself at 21.  As we embark on the start of this year’s graduate intake, I have to say how super impressed we’ve been by the curiosity, desire and general awesomeness of the graduates that we’ve hired.”