Mitigating business threats

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With the popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) increasing, organisations are becoming overwhelmed by the explosion of data generated from a number of different sources. Mango’s Chief Data Scientist, Richard Pugh, recently spoke to IoT-Now Magazine the safety of the IoT with so many connected devices.  In her article, entitled ‘Mitigating the Business Threats’ (May, 2nd 2019) Anasia D’Mello gives her advice about the application of data science to derive value from this data. Contributing to the article, Richard said: “data science can also help when it comes to considering the value of the data produced. Rather than simply using a tool to turn data into an actionable insight, data science is a way of blending technology, data and business awareness to extract value, not just information.”

Regularly working with business leaders to mentor them on delivering the true value of data he shares his views on why adopting a data-driven culture can help your business succeed. In the article he states that businesses stand a far greater chance of success in the Information Age in terms of increasing efficiencies, optimising revenues, and providing richer experiences for clients if a company-wide culture of data science is adopted.

If you thrive on data then we’d like to hear from you. We are hiring positions in Data Science and Data Engineering.