Tech Talent Charter – delivering greater diversity

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As part of Mango’s commitment to attracting, developing and retaining excellent people in fulfilling roles, we are delighted to announce that we have recently become a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter.

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) is a commitment by organisations to a set of undertakings that aim to deliver greater diversity in the tech workforce of the UK. Signatories of the charter make a number of pledges in relation to their approach to recruitment and retention. This covers both organisations in the technology sector itself, and organisations across all other sectors, who have employees in digital roles

Along with other members of the charter, Mango has made a number of pledges:

  • Have a senior signatory to serve externally as the public face of TTC and People internally as its sponsor
  • Have a plan to improve diversity and inclusion within the company
  • Work actively to share with the TTC best practice and what works or what doesn’t
  • Contribute employment diversity data into a common central anonymised database, published publicly in an annual report.

Talking about the charter, TTC CEO Debbie Forster said: “It’s vital for the industry to come together as a whole to do more to show females that a career in technology is incredibly rewarding, to increase the number of females working within the industry, to attract people who are considering a career change, and to encourage younger generations to consider these careers from the word go. One single company can’t do it alone, which is why we’re asking organisations to pledge their support for the Tech Talent Charter and join us on our exciting journey.”

At Mango, we are committed to creating greater gender diversity in the tech workforce of the UK, one that provides equality and opportunity for all.  A number of our Mango’s attend and organise RLadies – the first R programming meetup for Minority Genders in the UK promoting diversity & inclusivity in STEM/Data Science.  Women in Data is a NFP organisation dedicated to encouraging and promoting women in Data Science at every stage of their careers.  Mango have presented workshops at each of their summits since 2016.

We believe a varied workforce brings varied perspectives, encourages innovation and creates a more welcoming work environment – and one that reflects our clients. We have always strived for diversity at Mango and welcome the opportunity under the Tech Talent Charter to audit our own processes, look for ways to improve and share best practice with the other signatories.

Interested in the work of Tech Talent Charter? Sign up here. You can also keep up to date with their latest news and events on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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