Mango shares the power of R with Sainsbury’s Data Community

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What’s in a Data Community? One of the UK’s top retailers, Sainsbury’s, knows just how much value can be derived from a community, which, when coming together in a data science context, can add immeasurable business benefit throughout the organisation.

In fact, Sainsbury’s firm belief in the power of data science and community has led to the establishment its own Data Community, which collaborates with teams across the business to find new ways of working with data and learn what’s possible. Part of the activity includes biannual Group Data Conferences, which provide an opportunity for Sainsbury’s 800-strong community to come together to listen to inspiring ideas, connect as a community and get involved with all that the industry has to offer.

As big believers in data analysis that delivers, the Mango team was thrilled to be involved with the company’s most recent Group Data Conference, delivering two R-focused workshops; a high level Introduction to R for analysts not familiar with this popular statistical programming language, showcasing why R is one of the leading data science tools, and a Package Building in R workshop for more advanced users that focused on getting started with building packages, understanding the benefits of package building best practices and being able to implement them.

“We were delighted to have Data Science experts Mango Solutions participating at our internal LOVE Data conference – an event for the 800 data professionals across our Group,” said Naomi Sayers, Sainsbury’s Group Senior Manager of ADS Community & Capability Group Data. “Mango provided training workshops, supporting our aim of inspiring and connecting our community.”

Mango has and continues to support various large companies and organisations keen to set up or who have already set up their own internal data science communities. It’s an excellent way for companies to promote data science culture and methodologies, upskill employees and encourage collaboration across different teams, sites or departments.

If you or your company is keen to find out more about how Mango can help your data science journey, get in touch with us or take a look through more information here.