LondonR & R-Ladies to host ‘watch party’ at RStudio Conference, Jan 29th

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Mango Solutions, a full service certified partner of RStudio, are delighted to be supporting the rstudio::conf 2020 conference in San Francisco, on January 27th-30th.  This annual tech conference promises to be ‘all things R’ and includes an impressive agenda covering tutorials, presentations and lighting talks from recognised R experts and developers.

As long time champions of the R community, and organisers of the LondonR user group, Mango has been invited to host the London version of the rstudio::conf 2020 around the world ‘watch party’ which we are hosting in conjunction with R-Ladies London. This is the first year that watch parties are being run and will allow the London based R community the opportunity to see live-streams of the keynote sessions and interact with the San Francisco based hosts and guests in real time.

Liz Matthews, Head of Community & Education at Mango Solutions, said “this will be the first event of its kind and promises to be an exciting opportunity for the London R community. The watch party will be the next best thing to actually being in San Francisco and hearing about the latest developments in R.”

Celebrating a 10 year strategic relationship with RStudio, Liz said, “sponsoring the RStudio conference is a pivotal part of our relationship as an RStudio full service certified partner. Mango offers a full service offering for the RStudio suite of products, from the installation of an RStudio environment, best practice operating models, training and supporting the usage of R in production environments”.

Samantha Toet, Partner Marketing Specialist at RStudio Inc, said “I’m thrilled that Mango Solutions will be joining us both in person at the conference and remotely for our watch parties. This is a great way that we can support not only our partnership, but the data science community as a whole.”

Both the RStudio conference and Mango’s annual EARL conference provide the growing R community with an abundance of networking opportunities and learning experiences centred around R.

Having developed the R capability for some of the world’s largest organisations, Mango’s extensive knowledge of the R ecosystem in addition to ancillary technologies such as python and spark, makes us a well-placed and trusted partner for data science and for scaling an appropriate environment R using RStudio platforms. At the conference, Mango Solutions will be providing details of their new support packages to assist enterprise clients with accelerating in the use of RStudio products.

We look forward to meeting you in San Francisco and welcoming you to our live stream at LondonR in conjunction with R-Ladies.