Join us at the EARL US Roadshow – a conference dedicated to the real-world usage of R

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Join us at the EARL US Roadshow – a conference dedicated to the real-world usage of R

EARL, the Enterprise Applications of the R Language Conference is set to embark on a US roadshow following a successful London conference in September, with dates in Seattle, Houston and Boston between 7th and 13th November.

This cross-sector conference hosted and organised by Mango Solutions focuses on the commercial use of the R programming language and showcases some of the world’s leading practitioners alongside fostering networking and relationships within the R community. Much like the set-up in the UK, this stateside version of EARL promises actionable insights from day 1 – anything from coding, wrangling data, leading a team of R users to make data-driven decisions.

Data Scientists Julia Silge, Stack Overflow, Hadley Wickham, RStudio, Dr Robert Gentleman, 23andMe and Bob Rudis, Rapid 7 are headlining the US conferences with inspirational keynote talks this year. Amongst the topics are use cases for R packages as a collaborative team tool, machine learning and Shiny applications in addition to stimulating talks from a huge range of industries such as Starbucks, Google, IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Bupa.

Now in its 5th year, EARL sets to inspire users in R and discuss how they are solving similar business problems. “It offers a safe place to come and impart knowledge in a real positive manner, says CEO Matt Aldridge, Mango Solutions”. Liz Matthews, Head of Community & Education at Mango Solutions has been organising EARL from the beginning and loves the cross-pollination of ideas amongst the R community alongside the networking and collaboration which she feels is a key feature of the conference.

David Smith, Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, both a delegate and speaker at the conference over the last 5 years, recalls his experience of EARL from last year. Inspired by the stories, he remembers how analysis and R were being used to decide what shipping containers appear on ships to optimise the process across the oceans. It’s recapping on such work that makes him proud to be a data scientist. “There isn’t really another conference like it in terms of real applications in R”, he says. “I’m super interested in technology and learning new things with R, but what I really like is to see is the way they are actually applied in practice – to see how the work the data scientists are doing, using the R language is actually forming the basis of big decisions in industry”.  David’s talk in Seattle, ‘Not Hotdog: Image recognition with R and the Custom Vision API’, illustrates the use of R in conjunction with the Microsoft Custom Vision API to train and use a custom vision recognizer. Motivated by the TV series ‘Silicon Valley’, and with just a couple of hundred images of food, he’ll create a function in R that can detect whether or not a given image contains a hot dog.

If you use R in your organisation, the EARL Conference is for you and your team. Susanna Liberti, Head of Business Insights, eBay Classified Group Scandinavia came with her team to London EARL to get ideas on how to use R in their environment.  As a team transitioning from business analysts to more of a data science team, R allows them to be more effective in their data analysis with deeper insights. If you use R in your organisation, the EARL Conference provides the right learning environment for you and your team alongside significant networking opportunities with speakers and fellow delegates.

We are delighted that the EARL US Roadshow will be sponsored by RStudio. Come and join us for some interesting discussions in support of the commercial use of the R programming language in Seattle on 7th November, Houston 9th November and Boston 13th November.