Proud to be part of the data science and R communities

We recognise the importance of knowledge sharing across industries, helping people with their personal and professional development, networking, and collaboration in improving and growing the community. This is why we run a number of events and participate in many others.

Each year, we host and sponsor events across the UK, Europe and the US:


Free User Groups and Meetups

Throughout the year, we host and sponsor a number of free user groups that are open to everyone —experienced or curious— and aim to help people share and gain knowledge about Data Science and to get them involved with the wider community. We would really love to see you at one of our events:

LondonR: We host UK’s premier meetup group for users of the R statistical programming language. We meet bi-monthly for a free workshop and presentations, followed by drinks at the bar.

Bristol Data Scientists: We host this quarterly event in central Bristol. If you are interested in knowing how much stock to buy for your business, what the results of your scientific experiment mean, or which player should be substituted on your sports team, then you can find the answer using data science!

Manchester R: We host this quarterly event in central Manchester. Join us and some of the best R users in the UK for great presentations and networking.

Data Engineering London: We host this twice-yearly event in London. You’ll have the opportunity to see what Data Engineers are doing and how, plus the drinks are on us.

BaselR: We host this twice-yearly R user group in Basel, Switzerland.

OxfordR: We sponsor this monthly event in Oxford.

Need a speaker?

The Mango team are encouraged to speak at events around the country; if you would like one of our Data Scientists or Engineers to present at one of your meetup groups, please get in touch.

Enterprise Applications of the R Language Conferences

The Enterprise Applications of the R Language (EARL) Conferences are our annual conferences held in the UK and US. EARL is dedicated to furthering the development of R in commercial settings. Speakers each year come from a wide range of sectors and share their experiences of implementing R projects within their organisations.

In 2019, you can join us for our flagship three-day event in London.

What delegates have said:

EARL Boston was a great opportunity to see how others in diverse roles and industries are using R and to swap ideas and best practices. EARL brought R’s vibrant virtual community to life in a physical setting. I enjoyed meeting many more R users and left the conference with immediate ideas to take back to my day job.
Emily Riederer

EARL provides fantastic opportunities for people at every stage of the R journey, whether beginner, advanced or even part of a senior management team, with a variety of technical and non-technical presentations from inspiring and respected speakers within the analytics community. Each of the annual London conferences has inspired me to look into different aspects of the coding language and apply them directly to solving my client’s problems.
–  Jeremy Horne

EARL is the perfect setting to get a good sense of what companies and individuals are working on at the cutting edge of data science, R, and analytics. It’s a must-go if you are an aspiring and ambitious data professional.
– Martin Chan


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