EARL speaker – highlights from the Mango team

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While we’re aiming to try and fit in as many EARL talks as we can, we know it’s impossible to see them all! We’ve asked some of the Mango team to let us know who they’re looking forward to seeing speak. First up is Alfie Smith one of our Data Scientists – more team picks to follow!

Alfie Smith

Avision Ho’s “Why a Nobel Prize algorithm is not always optimal for business” looks to be an interesting presentation on the problems that come with translating academic research into commercial applications. As data science consultants, we have to be able to tell our clients the risks of rushing to the newest algorithm; particularly when every new research paper creates a hype-bubble.

I’m excited to hear “Promoting the use of R in the NHS – progress and challenges” by Professor Mohammed A Mohammed. As the brother of an NHS doctor, I’ve heard many stories of the NHS’ dependence on archaic tech and the bottle necks it creates. I’m fascinated to hear whether R is solving some of these problems and whether my R skills could be of value to the UK’s health service.

Lastly, I’m very intrigued by Theo Boutaris’ “Deep Milk: The Quest of identifying Milk-Related Instagram Posts using Keras”. At EARL, we’re going to hear lots of stories of R solving huge business problems. However, it’s often the smaller, wackier, stories that I remember long after the event. I’m hoping Theo’s presentation will give me an anecdote to talk about at the next Bristol Data Science meet-up.

If any of these talks sound interesting please take a look at who else is speaking – we also have early bird ticket prices available for a limited time.