Demystifying data science terminology

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The language used by data scientists can be confusing to anyone encountering it for the first time. Ever changing best practices and constantly evolving technologies and methodologies have given rise to a range of nuanced terms used throughout casual data conversation. Unfamiliarity with these terms often leads to disconnected expectations across different parts of a business when undertaking projects involving data and analytics. To make the most out of any data science project, it is important that participants have a shared vocabulary and an understanding of key terms at a level that is required of their role.

Mango Solutions is regularly involved in data science projects spanning different levels of a business. Below, we’ve outlined the most common data science terms that act as communication barriers in such projects:

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Mango Solutions can help you build a shared language around data science in your organisation. Based on our experience working with the world’s leading companies, we have developed 3 workshops to build a common language.

Find out which of the three workshops would be valuable to your organisation: