Upskilling your organisation

Data science training

Your people are the most vital part of your organisation, so investing in them can help improve business performance, profit, productivity, and employee retention. This is particularly important when it comes to data science.

We have developed a range of high-level workshops and in-depth training courses to cater to all user-levels to ensure your teams learn the skills and technologies they need to embed and encourage best practice within the organisation.

Finding the right path

We help organisations assess business needs and develop strategic goals to ensure training is inline with what the business wants to achieve.

Not just theory

Our trainers are all data science consultants on the Mango team, working on real-life applications of the content they teach. This means our courses are always current and include best practice approaches. Our courses are interactive, with exercises throughout, as we believe that hands on learning is the most effective approach.

All participants receive comprehensive course notes and documentation to keep and use as a reference. Our training also includes free post-course access to our support services for any help needed beyond the classroom.

Data Science Radar

Working with Data Scientists since 2002 means we understand team strengths and skill gaps. The Data Science Radar is our own tool built in house, which measures and highlights skill strengths and weaknesses, both on an individual and team level.

Further professional development

The Enterprise Applications of the R Language (EARL) Conference offers insights into how organisations across a wide range of sectors are using R to achieve their data-driven goals. Leading R users from around the world share knowledge and experience with their real-world applications of data science using R.

Join us in 2018 in London (11-13 September), Seattle (7 November), Houston (9 November) and Boston (13 November).

Training at Bosch

Bosch is a multinational engineering and electronics company, based in Germany. Mango Solutions were approached by the new ‘Powertrain Solutions division’, which focuses on hybrid and electric vehicle technology.

The Challenge
Bosch had a diverse team of R users, some with limited R experience and others with a more advanced knowledge base. They wanted the new ‘Powertrain Solutions division’ team to all be on equal footing in order for the team to function in a streamlined manner. This was especially important as the team is based over several locations.

The Bosch team also wanted to be able to present key insights from their work to management in a clear and easy to understand format. They knew that management just needed to be presented the main facts in order for them to make decisions.

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Why choose Mango?

We are a leading provider of data science and R training for companies around the world; we have trained 1000s of people to use cutting edge technologies. Our Trainers are hands-on, providing you with the best learning experience.

Mango Solutions have been empowering organisations to make informed decisions using data science and advanced analytics since 2002.