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Becoming truly data-driven

In recent years, most organisations have come to understand that the way to gain a competitive advantage in their industry is to make the right business decisions. These organisations realise that the key to driving better decisions is by gaining insight from their data and putting this insight in the hands of decision makers.

It is for this reason that many companies aspire to become data-driven.

To become truly data-driven means harnessing the power of advanced analytics to drive business value.

Sifting through the hype and Complex terminology

Complex terminology and the ‘noise‘ generated by the ’Big Data‘ world can complicate the ‘data journey’, leading to questions like:

  • What does a data-driven company look like?
  • What are the steps we should take to become data driven?
  • Which business challenges can our data help us overcome?
  • Should we build an in-house data science capability?
  • How do we measure the success of a data programme?
  • What underlying platform is needed to support a data-driven organisation?

Our job as strategic advisors is to help organisations wade through the ‘noise’ and answer these questions.

Getting value from your data science projects

The holy grail of data science is to turn data into wisdom: informing decision-making to create tangible and quantifiable business value (e.g. money saved or new revenue generated). And although this is a deceptively simple concept, at Mango we see many organisations struggling to find, put into action, or evaluate the projects that will drive this value.

Mango Solutions has been working at forefront of data science and advanced analytics for over 15 years. Working with the world’s leading companies, across a range of industries, we have seen the possibilities, the challenges and the pitfalls as companies navigate the journey to becoming data-driven. We have seen first-hand how difficult it is for companies to access pragmatic and real-world examples of data science use cases.

But, we can help.

Trusted data science partners

We are trusted by organisations across all industries to help them find the right path to creating a truly data-driven enterprise.

Leadership, coaching and mentoring

Culture and culture-change relies on leadership engagement across the business, particularly on the journey to data-maturity. We offer one-to-one coaching and mentoring with leaders and managers within the business to support their role in developing a data culture.

To discuss your journey to becoming a data-driven organisation, contact our team:

A data-driven communication transformation

This multinational retailer offers high quality fashion, award-winning food, and stylish homeware. They have been leaders in the retail space for more than a century and have 1000+ stores in 50+ countries.

The challenge
Our client engaged us to help them with their journey towards becoming data-driven. After focusing a significant amount of resource toward wrangling their data and building a Data Science team, there was still a gap – even with all of the tools available, the data wasn’t being used to solve business problems.

After meeting with the Head of Enterprise Analytics, we identified that the business team and the analytics team weren’t communicating. While the analytics team spoke about algorithms, the business team spoke in terms of business challenges. This lack of a common language meant the two teams were working in silos and all potential data-driven work stalled.

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Why choose Mango?

At Mango Solutions, we believe that data is an opportunity. We have been helping the world’s leading companies harness the power of their data to change the way they do business since 2002.

Mango Solutions have been empowering organisations to make informed decisions using data science and advanced analytics since 2002.