While one of R’s key strengths is its open-source nature, this is also where regulated sectors, such as pharmaceutical, insurance and finance, have found key challenges. R validation is crucial for many industries where open source software must be compliant with IT quality procedures before installation and use.

With this in mind, we developed ValidR.

ValidR delivers a validated version of R and is designed to comply with regulatory guidelines on the qualification and validation of systems, such as the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11.

Risk-free, guaranteed performance.

The product is delivered as a single, easy-to-install bundle for both Linux and Windows server environments. This bundle contains:

  • All validated R packages and their associated tests written by Mango
  • All dependencies for R packages within the validated environment, each of which are subjected to a lower-level acceptance process.
  • Validation reports for each validated R package
  • A full suite of product documentation (including requirements specification, functional specification, technical design, installation guides, user guides, and release note).

In addition, the ValidR subscription provides an annual re-deployment of the ValidR product containing an updated R version, additional packages and an updated test suite.


The ValidR product can also be customised in two different ways:

Custom modules

We believe that the ValidR product includes the best-performing R packages, but we understand that organisations may require certain packages for specialised tasks. As such, we provide a validation service for additional packages, charged on a time-and-materials basis.


An additional customisation option which allows a company to validate its own R packages is ValidR Enterprise, an off the shelf, fully validated R platform.

This allows post-deployment in-house validation of R packages, either as additional packages added into the ValidR environment, or to customise tests for specific functionality. This allows the environment to be re-bundled and deployed internally.


All of our private courses and webinars have been designed to complement ValidR, with training modules specifically written covering each ValidR module.

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To find out how ValidR could benefit your organisation, please contact us.