Data Science

The term ‘data science’ was coined in 1997 to better describe ‘statistical analysis’. Today data science represents the proactive use of data and analytics to drive decision making. At Mango, we have been delivering data science services and products to complete projects for some of the world’s most well-known companies for since 2002.

Mango can support your data journey in three key ways:

Virtual data science team

Since 2002, we have been trusted to deliver data science projects for both companies without an in-house data science team, and those wishing to augment their existing team to accelerate results.

Build and enhance your data science capability

Many organisations are looking to build a Data Science capability to drive their data journey. We can:

  • Support the hiring process
  • Deliver quality data science training
  • Build your data science environment
  • Advise on optimal ways to deploy your data science capability to drive decisions

Data science partners

Our flexible and open approach has resulted in close partnerships with companies building their data science capabilities.

We can facilitate data science in your organisation, delivering high value analytic projects as well as mentoring and training your Data Science team.

Every day, we’re helping companies around the world begin and expand their data driven journey. Contact us to discuss your data science requirements: