Data Science and R Training

Mango is a leading provider of data science and R training

Data and data analysis have become important tools for business success. To make the most of your data, the capabilities of your team are vital. Mango has developed a range of training courses to help your teams embed and encourage best practice data usage.

Every year our trainers travel the world teaching more than 1000 people of all experience levels. Importantly, Mango trainers don’t just teach the theory; we want participants to know the applications of what they’re learning.

Our proven training methodology and post-course support has helped companies such as eBay, GSK, HSBC, BP and many others gain actionable insight into their data for positive impacts within their companies.

Our trainers are all data science consultants on the Mango team working on real-life applications of the content they teach. This means our courses are always current and include best practice approaches.

All participants receive comprehensive course notes and documentation to keep and use as a reference. Our training also includes free post-course access to our support services.

Delivery options

Public Courses
We offer our range of public courses regularly throughout the year in various locations. Attendance for these courses is priced per person; academic discounts and group discounts are available.

Private Courses
If you have more than one or two people on your team requiring training, let us bring our training to you; our private courses can be delivered onsite and can be customised to your specific requirements. Private courses are charged per course, for a maximum of 15 participants.

Our courses can be delivered via live webinar which is often the preferred option where participants are spread across different locations and time zones. Our courses are broken down into easily digestible 2 hour sessions across an agreed delivery schedule.

One to One Training
We are seeing increasing demand for one to one training which we are happy to deliver at our offices or at the client’s site. Such training can be customised to best fit with a client’s learning objectives or needs.

Some training is best delivered via an interactive workshop format; whether this is high level strategic or business analytics training or working with a client’s team to help them understand the approaches and methodology for addressing a specific business problem, we can offer a flexible, interactive approach.

If you have questions about our training options or would like to organise a course for your team, please contact our Training Team.

Bosch is a multinational engineering and electronics company, based in Germany. Mango Solutions were approached by the new ‘Powertrain Solutions division’, which focuses on hybrid and electric vehicle technology.

The Challenge

Bosch had a diverse team of R users, some with limited R experience and others with a more advanced knowledge base. They wanted the new ‘Powertrain Solutions division’ team to all be on equal footing in order for the team to function in a streamlined manner. This was especially important as the team is based over several locations.

The Bosch team also wanted to be able to present key insights from their work to management in a clear and easy to understand format. They knew that management just needed to be presented the main facts in order for them to make decisions.

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