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Mango is Data Science

At Mango, we firmly believe that any decision can be better made using analytics and data. We also know that a company’s success is increasingly dependent on becoming data-driven.That’s where we come in. Our mission is to empower organisations to make informed decisions using data science and advanced analytics to drive bigger gains, lower costs, and optimize performance.

Since 2002, we have specialised in the provision of data science solutions that help organisations gain actionable insights from their data.

Becoming a data-driven organisation

Our core solutions provide organisations of all sizes with a path to data-driven success:

Strategic Data Science advice

Our experienced team of Data Scientists can offer strategic consulting and advice to support your organisation in becoming data-driven. We help you sift through the hype to develop a strategy that align with your business goals.

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Building your data science capability

We can help you lay the foundations for a successful Data Science capability in your organisation. We assist organisations across a range of functions, including supporting the hiring process, delivering training, and building Data Science environments or infrastructure.

We can also work as the data science team within your organisation during this process to provide early results and a clear return on investment.

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Your data science team

We’ve been trusted to deliver Data Science projects for some of the world’s best-known companies. We work with organisations without an in-house team as well as those wishing to augment their existing team to accelerate results.

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Upskill your team with world class training

Upskilling your team can make a world of difference to your analytics projects. We provide a range of training services designed to empower users to drive more informed decision making within their organisations. Our courses are offered on a public or private basis from introductory to advanced level. Facilitated by practitioners working in the field, our courses can be customised to ensure your teams receive the right training for their role.

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Mango Solutions have been empowering organisations to make informed decisions using data science and advanced analytics since 2002.