Mango Solutions are excited to announce that the venue and dates have now been confirmed for the third EARL Boston Conference. Delegates will enjoy a new vibe this year, with the Conference being held in the heart of Cambridge at The Charles Hotel on 1-3 November.

EARL is a cross-sector Conference for commercial R users. The popular EARL format returns to Boston with one day of R workshops, two days devoted to the most innovative R implementations by the world’s leading practitioners, plus an evening networking event.

Abstract submissions for the two days of presentations are now open. Mango Solutions are accepting abstracts that focus on the commercial applications of R. This is your opportunity to share your R stories, successes and innovations with R users from other sectors and companies.

Accepted speakers receive a day pass for the day they are presenting and a ticket to the networking reception.

Submit your abstract online by 31 August:

Top tips for submitting an abstract

Have a clear commercial focus
Ideally, your abstract will cover a business problem that you’ve solved with R. A good format is: what the problem is/was, the approach you took and the results.

Use an example
Really drive your abstract home with a brief example. It helps to illustrate your problem and results

Create a catchy title
Let’s be honest, quite often conference delegates will decide which presentations they want to attend by the title.

Think about the audience
Your fellow R users will be from a range of sectors, companies and user levels and while you can’t appeal to everyone, do think about yourself sitting in the audience and what you’d like to hear from a presenter.

Get someone to read over it
This one seems obvious, but a second (or third) set of eyes can help you see where there might be gaps or too much information.

Important note: Keep in mind that presentations are 30 minutes, including time for questions.

For inspiration take a look at previous speaker abstracts from the previous EARL Conferences: San Francisco 2017London 2017Boston 2016London 2016.

Submit your abstract online by 31 August: