Mango Solutions are pleased to be exhibiting at PhUSE EU Connect 2018 in Frankfurt 4-7 November 2018 where we welcome our customers and conference attendees to stand 14.

Mango solutions will be showcasing our “future forward” data science services for the Pharmaceutical industry alongside ValidR – a validated version of R to support your regulatory workflows. Understanding the analytic landscape and the challenges this presents in the industry is key to directing and empower decision-making.

A multitude of industries are benefiting from being data-driven, resulting in significant efficiencies from adopting an “open source” approach to their analytics. Thousands of Data Scientists & Statisticians globally are gaining actionable insights on forecasting and customer behaviour from using tools such as R and Python in their day-to-day activities

Adoption of R across regulated industries

Even though the latest talent pool leaving academia are predominantly R users, open source still causes concern in regulated industries. R is still often seen as more difficult to learn over legacy tools such as SAS, not professionally supported and too expensive to validate internally. This is understandable with the number of packages constantly being added to CRAN and Bioconductor. In fact, less than 22% of these have any kind of formal test framework which naturally will cause regulated sectors to take caution in their approach to open source.

Supporting your use of R in production

Mango Solutions offers a wide range of services to help Pharmaceutical organisations use R in production. For over 16 years we have been firmly rooted in the Pharma Sector and are seen as the trusted partner of choice when it comes to Data Science services & solutions- particularly in R. We are helping thousands of companies, including heavily regulated sectors, break down these barriers to benefit from R’s powerful analytics, graphics & reporting capabilities.

The Solution – ValidR – A Validated version of R 

We have a dedicated Validation team who perform comprehensive R validation services in-line with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines. Created by Mango Solutions, ValidR is actively being delivered and supported within some of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world today. As a controlled, validated and documented version of open source R, ValidR satisfies regulatory requirements and FDA guidelines. As such we pass an external audit by our customers annually. Providing a single, easy to install bundle ensuring all users work with the same version of R, ValidR provides a controlled IQ,OQ, PQ delivery method.

GCP certified

Our team of Data Engineers and Technical Architects design, build & support modern, scalable IT environments. Partners to RStudio we also provide support services around their licence offerings. Many of our team are also GCP certified and although Mango remains independent with our infrastructure advice, we are able to leverage support from Google to help our customers to adopt the latest analytic environments but remain GXP assured.

PKPD Modeling & Simulation

Our software developers build modern applications such as Navigator which addresses the modeling needs within PKPD Modeling & Simulation and ModSpace which acts as a controlled, collaborative code repository- again both of these have been created with 21 CFR Part 11 in mind to provide our customers with that “high degree of assurance”.

Advanced analytical approach

Our unique mix of real-world Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Technical Architects are helping companies gain wisdom from their data through a modern, advanced approach. Our team of Data Scientists and Data Strategy practice leads help companies, build, expand & train their Data Science teams. Our dedicated Strategy team are helping companies become truly data driven; helping them sift through hype & demystifying terminology, addressing cultural business challenges and getting business value from data science projects.

We very much look forward to meeting you at PhUSE where our very own Dr Chris Campbell, Mango Senior Data Scientist and Mango Pharmaceutical Sector Manager Christina Halliday will be pleased to engage in any data science or R related discussions.