Sensory Analysis

The Customer

Campden BRI are a world renowned institute specialising in all areas of food research. They assist major corporations with their food process design and market research, enabling companies to gain advantage by honing their products to suit their target markets. Campden BRI has a large Consumer and Sensory Science department who perform sensory and consumer analysis for their customers. This department takes the assessment results of both sensory and consumer data collection and analyses the data producing results both for trained assessors and internal and external consumers. The analysis is both varied and detailed requiring numerous types of statistical analysis, creating over a hundred graphs.

The Challenge

As is often the case, after many years of improving and adding additional features, to give a wider selection of analyses, the internal systems had come to rely on a ‘jigsaw of legacy code’. The system had become restrictive, as it could not provide some additional analysis options that were required. In addition to the internal systems, several additional statistical packages were needed. A more open code was needed to give new options and build for the future – in particular giving more flexibility for client bespoke requirements. Campden BRI also wanted to reduce the number of statistical packages needed, automating the routine analysis to make it more efficient and more user friendly for use across all Campden BRI sites.

The Solution

Mango were approached to assist in rationalising the work flows and processes and to provide a more robust solution. It was agreed to build this using the R language, which was identified as a good platform to build on, providing the flexibility for future modifications. This involved developing specific analysis algorithms particularly relevant to the sensory work performed by Campden BRI and developing some automated reports and graphs. The final application was a neat application that users could use intuitively since it was geared to the exact way that Campden BRIs analysis team works.

The Benefits

The Campden BRI sensory team have streamlined their work and their use of software packages, saving both time and effort and now have a much simpler job of performing their analysis. Some of the peripheral software has been discontinued providing cost-efficiencies. Mango provided both training and developer’s manuals to assist in future development.

“I have found Mango a great team to work with. In the first instance they spent time getting to fully understand our work and aims, which enabled them to deliver a versatile software solution which met our needs. The Mango team were professional and seemed dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction”

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