R for Pharmacometrics

The Customer

AbbVie is a proven biopharmaceutical company discovering and creating advanced innovative therapies to meet the health needs of people & societies around the globe. They have 28,000 dedicated scientists, manufacturing specialists, researchers, communicators, and regulatory experts each focused on developing new products and new ways to help people manage some of the most serious health conditions.

The Challenge

R is becoming the analytical language of choice within many sectors and ever more so within Pharmaceutical companies. It is the most widely used analytical language and it is rising in popularity. R’s popularity in academia is important because that creates a pool of talent that feeds industry. As data science matures, data scientists in the business world will need to communicate more with academic scientists. With this rise in demand for knowledge of R, AbbVie looked to Mango Solutions for help to develop their statistical staff.

The Solution

Mango Solutions are experts in the language of R and have spent 15 years establishing relationships within the Pharmaceutical sector and providing Pharmacometrics training to PK/PD, Pharmacometrics, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics teams globally. Having developed and maintained a trusted business partnership, AbbVie have approached Mango on a number of occasions to provide training to new team members and develop the knowledge of existing staff. Taught to teams with varying degrees in knowledge levels of R and class sizes, Mango’s R for Pharmacometrics training courses are designed with AbbVie’s PK/PD/PM scientists in mind. Basic concepts of the R language and environment have been taught, before moving onto more Pharmacometric based topics which focus on producing typical PK graphics, fitting mixed effects models, interacting with NONMEM and performing simulation-based analyses. The training given each time has provided a hands on R learning experience, with theory backed up by relevant worked exercises, examples and after support. Overall the courses taught were aimed at allowing the attendees to achieve confidence and proficiency in R with specific reference to Pharmacometric modelling.

Business Benefits

When asked if objectives in attending this course had been achieved, 100% agreed that they had. When asked what the attendees liked best about the course: comments were made that the course was very well organized and the instructors were well prepared and very responsive to the needs of the group. The overall feedback was that Mango’s instructors created a good learning environment and presentation style. Some of the comments returned included: “My R skills have increased as a result of the course”, “The course was pitched at the right level for my ability”, “New and useful information was delivered well.”

“Mango Solutions has offered many entry and intermediate level R courses at AbbVie for more than a decade. It is their outstanding instructors and deep understanding of R, PK/PD/PM and the background of PK/PD scientists that have helped tailor the content of the course for the target audience.”

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