Grid Controller

The Customer

Upsher-Smith Laboratories (USL) is a privately-owned pharmaceutical company headquartered in Minnesota with facilities in New Jersey, Colorado and a subsidiary in the UK. Founded almost a hundred years ago, USL hold an extensive patent portfolio and are committed to the development of high-value, high-quality therapies.

The Challenge

USL had limited capacity for Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) analysis. Being computationally intensive and with the group utilising just a single analysis computer shared between all users, this set up was very limiting, particularly in the size and scope of analyses that could be performed in a timely manner.

Why Mango

Mango has been a leading provider of software and services to the pharmaceutical sector for 15 years and completed projects for the majority of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies. These have included building and supporting a range of analysis environments containing all the tools necessary for PK/PD analysis and helping customers deploy powerful analytics in simple to use solutions. In particular Mango has helped create and deploy grid environments to allow for scaling up of computational resources where required.

The Solution

Mango created a four node Open Grid Scheduler in a cloud environment (MS Azure) that enables USL to perform PKPD modelling activities using PsN and NONMEM. This is integrated with Active Directory for ease of access for modellers, Open Message Passing Interface and Pirana current modelling user interface tool. Mango used image technology to ensure flexible installations on each node. Utilizing images in this way not only allows the environment to be more easily recreated in the event of a disaster recovery scenario, but also enables an increased degree a flexibility not previously available.

Business Benefits

Multiple users can now submit modelling jobs to the grid simultaneously thus eliminating the single user restriction. USL are also able to run PK/PD analyses more quickly and efficiently. The solution architecture allows for scalability to add more execution nodes to provide more capacity if required. Mango will be providing on-going, flexible support to assist USL with any technical issues that may arise with the grid environment in future. The support contract is now live.

We approached Mango because they have broad industry expertise and heritage in the pharmaceutical industry. Their team has a multitude of skillsets and they were able to accommodate all of our internal requirements. Mango had a fair and flexible approach to delivery and worked with us closely to ensure the solution was met our needs as closely as possible. They were always transparent regarding budget remaining, providing weekly project status updates throughout and always responded to our issues in a timely fashion. USL wouldn’t hesitate to work with Mango again in the future.

The Powertrain Solutions Division

The powertrain solutions division now have a unified approach and understanding of R and are better equipped to work as a team and communicate across different locations.

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