ModSpace is our web-based collaborative platform used by groups of analysts to store, share and discover models, data and scripts in a version controlled environment.

We were approached by a customer looking to replace SAS DD, to explore the possibility of using ModSpace for storing SAS datasets. They wanted to make use of the robust environment which ModSpace provides, whilst allowing users to work on data directly via a server installation of SAS.

To achieve this, we built a set of SAS macros to seamlessly allow users to interact with files stored within ModSpace.

The first step is to add the files to a ModSpace Entry. It contains a number of SAS datasets which I have placed within a simple folder structure:

Each ModSpace Entry has a unique identifier, let’s make a note of this for later – it’s 6042

Now, directly within SAS, I can login to ModSpace, which allows me to access the files in my entry, but prevents me from accessing those I do not have permissions to alter: