Mango Solutions are pleased to announce the release of version 9.2 of Navigator Workbench, their leading pharmacometric model development and reporting platform.

New Features

This release includes a large number of enhancements, including the following features:

  • Support for NONMEM 7.3 and PsN 4.2.0. The application can now run models with NONMEM 7.3 and run PsN ExecuteVPCSCM and Bootstrapvia PsN 4.2.0
  • Easily locate files within your project using new filtering and searching tools
  • Group all the files that comprise a NONMEM run into a single item in the File Explorer Tree. This grouping lets a user focus on the key runs in a project by hiding all the files that make up intermediate or discarded runs
  • The addition of a new user type – External User. Normally, project work is visible to everyone, unless it is explicitly marked as private. This has been reversed for external users, who can only access projects to which they have explicitly been given access. This allows an organisation to open the application to third parties, but precisely control what they can work on

About Navigator

Navigator is a full model development and reporting workbench which allows modellers to develop, execute, compare and evaluate models in an easy-to-use environment allowing technical and non-technical users to share key modelling tools and publish the results.

Navigator is a web based platform which integrates closely with Mango’s “ModSpace” application in order to ensure all modelling activities are performed in the context of a collaborative environment, where models and scripts can be stored, versioned, found and re-used. The Navigator Workbench is used by some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The next release is scheduled for late 2015.

Product Screenshots