Back in October, I had the pleasure of going along to the annual Redgate conference SQL in the City. This was a great day full of informative talks on how people are becoming more agile with their database development practices.

Agile database delivery is an important part of what we see as DataOps. To date, most people have viewed continuous integration, automated testing, and continuous delivery of database code as part of DevOps – where it assists in the delivery of rapid changes to applications. DevOps is not the only use that this coolness for databases can be put to. It can also be geared towards delivering data for analytics and insight.

When you’re able to drop new data into your datawarehouse within hours of knowing it’s needed, you can facilitate much more rapid insight delivery and the sooner something is actioned, the more opportunity to reap the benefits of the insight. This is where, we at Mango, see the benefits of working with a traditional database and BI teams to help deliver Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) for an analytical focus.

Redgate have very kindly published the video of my lightning talk #DataOps – it’s a thing! so now you can find out more about the DataOps concept. You can also get the slides or read my initial write-up.