After recently attending the EARL conference in London, Martin Veitch has written for IDG Connect about how companies that best exploit data science will be well positioned to make smarter decisions, but that utilising data science is more than just a quick fix. Additionally, Veitch references some of the great speakers at EARL to explain how data science, in particular the R language, can be used for good, and talks to Mango’s chief data scientist and co-founder, Rich Pugh, about how the term ‘data science’ is becoming misused:

“The idea that data science is for everybody isn’t just wrong, it’s dangerous. If you misuse data and don’t understand data relationships you can make bad decisions that can have serious results.” Mango’s own co-founder and chief data scientist, Rich Pugh, explained to Martin Veitch at the recent EARL conference in London how the term ‘data science’ is becoming misused. Read the full article here:

Author Martin Veitch in IDG Connect publication.