The Art of the Possible

A mentoring workshop series for business representatives & leaders wishing to become data-driven.

Putting theory into practice

Our ‘Art of the possible’ series of workshops are renowned for supporting an organisation’s data-driven journey and, together with our work with the Data Science communities, are the basis of our hard-earned reputation as one of the industry’s leading educators. These workshops offer practical advice, education and mentoring to business leaders and to those who hold the analytic remit.

Each workshop is led by an experienced Data Science Consultant with significant industry expertise and is designed to inspire leaders and managers and to inform them of the possibilities and opportunities of Data Science and Advanced Analytics. Customised to industry sectors, we allow for a greater depth of understanding; to ensure close alignment between analytics opportunities and business strategy, and to address specific barriers to change.

When a business is aligned, inspired and committed to action, great things can happen.

The Workshops are Aimed At:

  • Leadership – senior stakeholders who own the data & analytic remit (typically C-Level). Typically this is a Chief Data Officer or CIO
  • Business Owners – Managers in business areas who own targets and processes that could be empowered by data/analytics
  • Analytics functions – internal analytic teams responsible for providing insight to the business

Each Workshop Aims To:

  • Demystify the complex world of data and analytics
  • Explore those analytic initiatives that would add value to your organisation
  • Improve communication and collaboration between business and technical functions by creating a common language around data and analytics
  • Allow organisations to identify an optimal way forward as they transition to a more data-driven model


Never Mind the Buzzwords

Confusion around the jargon of Data Science and common buzzwords such as ‘AI’ ‘ML’ and ‘cognitive computing’, often creates barriers from within the business. Through a wider understanding of key terminology this workshop is set to inspire your business about the possibilities of a data driven organisation, while seeing through the hype of the analytic world.
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Building a Data Driven Company

CDO’s often cite low levels of data-driven maturity. The aim of this workshop is educate leaders about the possibilities of a data-driven organisation and practical steps to conducting a transformation. Using practical, real-world advice on data-driven approaches the possibilities of adding value through data & analytics will be aligned to your vision.
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Being Data Driven: the Language of Analytics

Often a barrier to success is an organisation’s culture to analytics, flawed through a lack of understanding to the possibilities and potential business value. This workshop focuses on building a common language around data and analytics, identifying and communicating the analytic opportunity, whilst enabling businesses to operate within a data-driven environment.
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Data Driven Mobilisation Workshop

Ideal for bringing stakeholders on board to the analytic strategy, the potential to find, assess and prioritise the business value of each use case will be examined, alongside discovering the pros and cons of building a data science capability. This impactful workshop will result in an increase in knowledge, actionable insights and ensure a common language across the organisation.
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Data Driven Prioritization Workshop

Adding clarity and prioritisation to the potential delivery of high value use cases, this highly practical workshop enables business and analytic functions to discuss and prioritise a set of possible high value analytic initiatives for the business together with an understanding of the risks and dependencies associated with each one.
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Data Driven Planning Workshop

The focus on this workshop is to support businesses on finding the ‘right’ question - to ensure your analytic use case is properly qualified and therefore likely to succeed and drive business value. Participants will review, refine and plan a small number of possible analytic initiatives, leading a well-designed use case that could be delivered across your organisation along with clear next steps for delivery.
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Course Director – Richard Pugh

Richard Pugh is Mango Solutions’ Chief Data Scientist and has over 20 years’ experience of working with data. As co-founder of Mango, Richard has led a wide range of ground-breaking data science projects for some of the most forward thinking companies in the world, which has allowed him to make his vision of proactive, data driven business culture a reality.

Richard spends much of his time advising clients from a variety of industries on data-driven strategies, while keeping up-to-date with the cutting edge commercial applications of data science. Richard co-authored the book “R in 24 Hours”, was the first president of the R Consortium, sits on the RSS Data Science Section Committee and is a sought-after speaker at industry events.

Using his wealth of experience, he helps companies make better decisions through data, and remove any perceived constraints on the limits of data science, sharing that it can inform and transform all aspects of a business.



Case Studies

Multinational retailer with over 1,000 stores in 50+ countries to help the business and analytics teams build a shared language. This lack of shared language has meant that the teams were working in silos and data-driven projects had stalled. Using interactive and practical exercises, where the teams worked together, resulted in the identification of over 20 new high-value analytical initiatives both teams agreed to take forward.

A global financial services company turned to Mango and wanted a common understanding of the possibilities of advanced analytics. This led the business and analytic teams to identify a high-value initiative around customer interaction. The resulting analytic solution— created by Mango—increased cross-sell and up-sell in their call centre by ~25%. The result? Over £200 million additional revenue.

Mango have been instrumental to our data analytics journey. They have tailored their training and consultancy services to align to our business, data and wider strategic aims. Through interactive workshops, analysts have been able to solve real business problems and extract value from our analytics. Mango are extremely personable, we enjoy working with them and we continue to develop and nurture our relationship. Senior Data Science Manager, Data & Analytics, Srewfix Direct Limited

For further information on any of these workshops, call our training team on 01249 705450. Our team can best advice a workshop in accordance to your data and analytics maturity.

Mango Solutions have been empowering organisations to make informed decisions using data science and advanced analytics since 2002.