PK/PD model development

PK/PD model development with Navigator Workbench

Navigator Workbench provides organisations with a powerful, validated platform for all PK/PD model development, execution, analysis and reporting needs. It integrates closely with our ModSpace application to provide modellers with a complete Modelling and Simulation Workbench.

Within Navigator users are able to


Create and edit NONMEM Models, along with scripts in a number of other supported languages using File Editor.


Execute NONMEM, R, SAS, MATLAB and PsN Jobs and scripts on a High Performance Computing Grid, whether onsite or in the cloud.


Explore and compare results and model evolution using the Model View page, with Tree or Tabular form viewing options.

Perform further analysis of NONMEM Models using “Post Run Analysis” methods offered by PsN, such as BootStrap, VPC and SCM.

Share and Collaborate

Share modelling activities and results with other team members whilst managing project permissions and project team roles as part of a QC process.


Generate publication-ready standard and bespoke reports out-of-the-box and publish to various document output formats.

Store and Audit

Confidently store all project content in the version controlled repository that sits behind the integrated ModSpace application knowing that all required modelling activities are being audited and meeting regulatory compliance.

Navigator Workbench has been influenced and developed in collaboration with modelling teams across the Pharmaceutical industry. If you would like to see how Navigator could help streamline your Pharmacometric modelling projects, please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Model Tree

Model Tab



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